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Warrior`s Lair (PS3 cover
Game Box forWarrior`s Lair (PS3)

Warrior`s Lair


Warrior`s Lair is an action-RPG game in which we take control of a hero belonging to one of several different character classes.

RPG | fantasy | hack'and'slash | Isometric view | action RPG | PlayStation exclusive titles

Warrior`s Lair Release Date



Warrior`s Lair is an action-RPG that is the closest to popular PC games such as Diablo or Torchlight. Like them, it offers fast-paced fantasy gameplay, which is enhanced by extensive options for managing the character's equipment and skills. The Sony San Diego and Idol Minds studios are responsible for the creation of the title, which are known, among others, for the production of sports games and the ModNation Racers series.


We create a hero belonging to one of several available character classes, which differ in the offered style of play, affecting our progress in the game. As in the case of other representatives of the action-RPG genre, in Warrior's Lair we focus primarily on fighting enemies, exploring complex locations, gaining experience points thanks to which we develop skills and selecting the right equipment. However, we won't gain weapons and armor by eliminating our enemies. We only get materials for their production. The quality and type of components depends on the type of defeated enemy.

Technical aspects

We observe the game from an isometric view. Locations and all models of opponents, as well as our character, are done in 3D. We control the hero with the analog stick, while the gamepad's buttons are assigned to individual attacks and special abilities. The game also supports PS Vita's touch screen.

Save files and player characters are stored on game servers, so the game requires an internet connection. This allows players to have one profile, which can be shared by two versions of the game, for Playstation 3 and PS Vita. We can stop the game on the Vita and continue it from the same place on the PlayStation 3. It also enables one of the most important elements of Warrior`s Lair - social functions. Players can compare their trophies and statistics, as well as attack lairs, created at the beginning of the game by each owner, whose appearance and guards reflect our progress and achievements in the game. Legends, like characters, are stored on the servers and are available to people from all over the world.

The graphics of both versions of Warrior`s Lair are similar - players will not notice any significant differences in its quality.

Game mode: single player  

Expectations: / 10 based on 6 votes.

Age restrictions Warrior`s Lair: Good for all ages.

Warrior`s Lair System requirements

Sony PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

  • Uses:
  • PlayStation Move
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