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XCOM Legends (iOS cover
Game Box forXCOM Legends (iOS)

XCOM Legends

A free mobile spin-off of the popular tactical strategy series. In XCOM Legends we play as the commander of the resistance fighting against the alien regime on Earth. The game was developed by the Californian studio Iridium Starfish.

RPG | science fiction | turn-based | play for free | tactical

XCOM Legends Release Date



developer: Iridium Starfish publisher: 2K Games

XCOM Legends is a free mobile spin-off of the tactical strategy series by Firaxis Games studio. The game is a turn-based RPG based on acquiring resources, upgrading available heroes and opening lootboxes. Game was developed by Californian studio Iridium Starfish. The publisher is 2K Games.


The action of XCOM Legends takes place in the universe known from XCOM 2. Civilization we know fell as a result of alien invasion, which took control over the planet. Various resistance movements fight against the new order, including XCOM - the remnants of the former program to protect Earth from the invaders. The plot of Legends revolves around a mysterious alien gate that brings hostile psionic shadows to our world. The player's goal is to learn the gate's secrets and rescue the troops drawn in by it.


In terms of gameplay, XCOM Legends resembles other mobile RPGs. The player is tasked with creating a five-person team of heroes with different stats and skills. We gain new heroes thanks to the gacha system - we can exchange a certain type of currency, Engrams, for a random character. We improve our units by using resources found in lootboxes. Each soldier must be equipped with equipment and skills that match the rest of the team.

Skirmishes are played out in a turn-based system. The heroes have three skills at their disposal, such as gunshot or grenade throw. On the battlefields there are destructible covers, behind which we can hide our soldiers. Each unit has a specific type, which determines how it copes with enemies. For example, psionic units have an advantage in the fight against biological enemies but are not suitable for fighting cybernetic enemies.

Game modes

XCOM Legends allows the player to participate in single-player gameplay and face off against squads of other players in PvP battles.

Technical aspects

Legends graphics do not differ significantly from other mobile games of this type. A significant part of the models and character portraits have already been used previously in XCOM 2.

Last updated on 26 July 2023

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions XCOM Legends: Good for all ages.

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