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Hitman 2 Guide by

Hitman 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Hitman 2: Combat guide & tips Hitman 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Hitman 2 guide contains the most important tips on how to fight and information on whether confrontations are mandatory.

Last update: 21 September 2021

On this page of the guide to Hitman 2, you will find information on combat. We also inform you whether direct confrontations with opponents are mandatory and what to do when a fight breaks out suddenly.

Our assassin will win every hand-to-hand fight - Hitman 2: Combat guide & tips - Basics - Hitman 2 Guide

Our assassin will win every hand-to-hand fight. Below you can find a few tips:

  1. Hand-to-hand combat makes noise - expect reinforcements or a bystander who will want to see a dead body.
  2. The only way to kill someone quietly is to strangle someone from behind.
  3. Usually, you need two hits to end a fistfight; some of them can make a fight last longer - this happens when they surprise attack you. After that, you will have to press a few other buttons.
  4. A beaten enemy is rendered unconscious.
  5. An enemy that was knocked out can get up - it will happen when someone finds them.
  6. You can pretend that you are surrendering to an opponent approaching you with a weapon (the game will inform you about this option). Hold the right button and let the enemy get close to you - 47 will attack that enemy automatically when they get close to him.
  7. When you are fighting with a guard, you need to finish that enemy off while they are on the ground - otherwise, that person will get up (beat this person again and they will get knocked out).
  8. Eliminate enemies by using your fists or blunt weapons - their clothes won't get damaged. Firearms, explosives or sharp items will damage clothes.
  9. Almost every item carried by Agent 47 can be used as a weapon - whether it is a screwdriver, a crowbar or a frying pan. Hit an enemy with it or throw that item - sharp items are deadly, blunt items will only knock an enemy out. Throwing and attacking enemies with items also makes a little bit of noise.
  10. Agent 47 is fast enough to knock out two guards standing next to each other by using a blunt weapon - one of the enemies will recognize your face. However, that person will be unconscious - hide their body well.
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