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Hitman 2 Guide by

Hitman 2 Guide

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Hitman 2: Stealth, using disguises Hitman 2 Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Hitman 2 guide contains tips on stealth, hiding bodies, and using disguises.

Last update: 21 September 2021

On this page of the guide to Hitman 2, you will find numerous tips on staying hidden and avoiding alarms. You'll find out, e.g. how to sneak, how to hide bodies, how to avoid detection, and how to wear disguises and use them correctly.

Hiding yourself and bodies

Hide and cover your tracks to remain undetected - Hitman 2: Stealth, using disguises - Basics - Hitman 2 Guide

Hide and cover your tracks to remain undetected:

  1. Hiding is important. You can avoid enemies by hiding behind any obstacle - the best way to do that is to stick to a wall. Enemies can still see you when a part of your head is sticking out while you are hiding behind a wall. Precision is crucial here, unlike in a few other stealth games.
  2. You can hide in wardrobes or chests. However, this can also be a trap for you when someone saw you hiding in one of these objects.
  3. You can also use chests and wardrobes to hide bodies. Usually, you can fit two into one object (they will never be found; you can always use them to get a costume from a hidden body).
  4. Other methods of hiding bodies: throw them into an inaccessible place - into water or above rails at the end of a map, or you can "reprocess" them (by, i.e. feeding them to animals). Enemies that were knocked out can also be hidden in tall grass. Remember, killing enemies results in fewer points - side assassinations don't cost you that many points but they block you from numerous challenges related to precision (alarms, detections, assassinations).
  5. Costumes are crucial if you want to remain undetected - you can get clothes of almost every person working as a guard or an employee working in key buildings. You can also get costumes of VIPs and other special characters - every map usually has a few high-rank characters or those who have special privileges (these people can be found only in specific locations).
  6. You can also hide in a crowd - you are safe as long as an enemy with a dot above their head doesn't get too close to you. Sometimes, you can help yourself by throwing a brick or distracting someone when you are still hiding in a crowd. This will help you remain undetected.


Costumes help you access restricted areas. - Hitman 2: Stealth, using disguises - Basics - Hitman 2 Guide
Costumes help you access restricted areas.

Costumes are your key to success. They provide you safety in certain areas. Some of these costumes also allow you to perform special activities. Costumes are rarely found in dressing rooms or lying on the ground. Usually, you have to do some extra work to get them, i.e. by knocking an enemy or a civilian out.

  1. There are no characters who can move freely in every zone,
  2. Change your costume frequently,
  3. You can still get a costume from a person that was thrown into a garbage bin or was hidden in a wardrobe,
  4. Costumes left on the ground don't disappear,
  5. You can't wear women's clothes,
  6. You need to be careful on higher difficulty levels - clothes stained with blood (when you kill someone with a weapon or a sharp item) are useless.
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