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404 Error Live House in ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero) Explained

Do you have trouble finding the 404 Error live house in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)? Our guide explains how to find this place.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero, developer: MiHoYo

Zenless Zone Zero is a gacha game in which you can compose your team consisting of your dream characters. Prepare for fighting against various enemies and performing many interesting missions. One of them is 404 error live house, where you have to find two Bangboos talking to each other to get a medal from Officer Mewmew. From our guide you will learn where to find them to complete this quest.

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) – How to Find two Bangboos near 404 Error Live House

While performing a number of different tasks for NPC Officer Mewmew, at some point you will come across an activity called Chivalrous Spirit Medal IV. It involves Sixth Street, and the 404 Error Live House. The tip for this quest also says that this is the area where two Bangboos chat with each other at night.

First of all, set the time of day to Evening. You will find this option in the Schedule tab. Next, head to Sixth Street and find the Coff Cafe, which sells coffee. On the corner, behind the cafe, you'll notice two black Bangboos, and behind them, a neon billboard called 404 Error. That's where you have to go.

Approach the two Bangboos, talk to them, and exhaust their dialogue options. Thanks to it, you will get 50x Inter-Knot Credits, 5x Polychrome, 1x Senior Investigator Log and 2x W-Engine Power Supply. In the end, head back to Officer Mewmew. Click the Claim option to get 10x Polychrome, 2x Official Investigator Log, 5000x Denny and obviously Chivalrous Spirit Medal IV.

Dawid Lubczynski

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