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News guides 10 July 2024, 07:51

author: Damian Gacek

Pen Ratio in ZZZ, Zenless Zone Zero, Explained

Pen Ratio in ZZZ is an enigmatic stat. In this guide we will tell you everything about it.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero, developer: COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD

HoYoverse is known for its gacha games, the newest addition to the developers’ portfolio is Zenless Zone Zero. Of course, the title features many interesting characters. You can use them to fight, and without a doubt, there are better and worse ones. How to tell which one is which? One of the ways is to look at their stats. Most of them are quite straightforward. For example, we all know what HP means. However, Pen Ratio is not so obvious. Let’s talk about it.

Pen Ratio in ZZZ, Zenless Zone Zero, Explained

Pen Ratio is an abbreviation from Penetration. What does it mean? Thanks to this stat characters can pass through enemies’ defense, omitting it. So, the question may arise, what is more useful – flat Attack or Pen Ratio.

The question is a complicated one, as we don’t know how much armor our opponents have, and it is crucial to tell which is more useful in a given situation. We may guess that ATK is more powerful in fights against grunts. Basic enemies should not have a high armor value, so the penetration is unimportant. This may be completely different in the case of bosses. They have high armor value, in their case penetration may end up with big bonusses. The more dangerous an opponent, the more powerful Pen Ratio becomes.

However, we can’t say anything for sure, as the precise numbers are not available. For now, let’s keep in mind that golden mean is important, as both stats are valuable.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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