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News video games 05 July 2022, 13:37

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Alien Invasion in Civ 6; Mod Combines it With XCOM

Civilization 6 admittedly has alien units, but players still can't get enough. The Ethereal Invasion mod makes it possible for UFOs and extraterrestrial enemies to annihilate our civilization.


If you want to have XCOM and Civilization 6 in one, then you'll be interested in a pair of mods, Ethereal Invasion and Area 51. They introduce UFOs and aliens into the game, in short, everything that tinfoil caps are supposed to protect us from.

Mod's inspirations

The mod's page on Steam Workshop reads that the creator, Alterd-Rushnano, was inspired by the Civilization 5 DLC The Brave New World, which featured XCOM units. In response to dreams of an alien invasion of our civilization, the mod Ethereal Invasion was created.

  1. You can download Ethereal Invasion here

What's more, the project is compatible with Area 51 - World Wonder Alien Units, so if you want to introduce alien troops into your game and, as the title suggests, Area 51 (as a wonder on the map), it's worth getting in first.

  1. You can download Area 51 - World Wonder Alien Units here

For the modifications to work properly, you must have the Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall DLCs.

What does Ethereal Invasion introduce?

The modification itself does not introduce much compared with Area 51. However, as we learn from its description, the consequences of these changes are likely to be dire for humanity.

  1. A history of Area 51 has been added, based on XCOM canon and historical contexts.
  2. The Alien Infiltrator unit replaces the barbarian scout. It appears when someone is researching satellite technology. Units receive a bonus to Collective Intelligence, even if they do not have UFOs.
  3. It is possible to capture aliens and obtain knowledge from them. We can use Alien Infiltrator units as engineers to support the district in the spaceport and campus. We can also build an improved barbarian camp.
  4. As we enter the era of the future, a total alien invasion begins. Barbarian UFOs appear on the map and give an effect of -25 loyalty for each city when someone starts researching extraterrestrial mission technology.
  5. After that, UFOs and Alien Infiltrator units will appear in all the free cities we lost due to declining loyalty.

You can read the full description of the mod on the aforementioned page on Steam Workshop. However, it is worth noting that Ethereal Invasion is being refined all the time. The developer's goal is to "port" XCOM to Civilization , so we can expect many more updates to the mod.

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