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News video games 21 September 2016, 12:07

author: luckie

All Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed, featuring War Pigeon Mode

You can now read about every map and mode that will be available in Battlefield 1 upon the game's release on October 21, 2016.

Electronic Arts has revealed all the maps and modes of Battlefield 1 that will be available at launch on October 21, 2016. The upcoming World War I online shooter will initially feature 9 battlegrounds, whereas another one is coming as a free DLC in December. Apart from these, 16 new maps and some modes will be added in four paid DLCs included in the Season Pass. The first pack is planned to be released in March 2017. After completing the recent beta-testing, DICE decided to make some changes in the rules of some classic modes as well as include necessary balance tweaks. Here’s the complete lists of all maps and modes:

Battlefield 1 Maps

  1. Ballroom Blitz – a massive French chateau with big halls and crystal chandellers as well as a railway hub at the edge of the map;
  2. Argonne Forest – an infantry-focused map with a labirynth of bunkers and machine gun nests hidden within the forest;
  3. Fao Fortress – as the British Empire struggles to secure oil on the Al-Faw Peninsula, a huge Ottoman fortress stands on their way surrounded by marshlands and dunes;
  4. Suez – fighting by the grand canal in the outskirts of Kantara and the deep desert beyond;
  5. The St. Quentin Scar – a map set in northern France, scarred by trenches and fortified lines, where Germans try to break through the British lines;
  6. Sinai Desert – all-out war set in a desert around a small village – a perfect place for snipers and plane pilots;
  7. Amiens – a battle within a large French city, crisscrossed by alleys, bridges, and railways;
  8. Monte Grappa – while Italians try to scale the Venetian Alps, Austro-Hungarians use fort cannons to stop them;
  9. Empire's Edge – a fortified shore along the Adriatic coast makes a great place for naval combat;
  10. Giant's Shadow – (a part of free DLC in December) the Battle of the Selle waged in open country around a railway center with many infantry and tank engagements.
All Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed, featuring War Pigeon Mode - picture #1
Battlefield 1 will feature maps based on historical battles.

Battlefield 1 Modes

  1. Conquest – a large-scale classic Battlefield mode, in which up to 64 players try to capture and defend spawn points. However, DICE is planning to make a change in its rules: in Battlefield 1 both capturing objectives and getting kills will contribute toward the final score;
  2. Domination – fast-paced, infantry-focused version of Conquest;
  3. Operations – storm enemy defenses or defend your positions across several sectors;
  4. Rush – attackers try to destroy Telegraph Posts, which the defenders can use to call in artillery strikes.
  5. War Pigeons – find a message pigeon before the enemy does and carry it to safety, then prepare a message and send it to call in artillery barrage;
  6. Team Deathmatch – classic struggle between two teams – it’s kill or be killed.