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News video games 22 July 2021, 19:55

author: Iltutmis

Apex Legends: Emergence - Season 10 Launch in August

The popular battle royale title will introduce a new Legend. The devs also announced the 2nd year of the ALGS eSsports competition with a larger prize pool than before. In addition, the arena mode will receive fresh content and a ranked version.

  • August 3, 2021, will mark the release of the Emergence update for Apex Legends;
  • Seer, a new Legend specializing in tracking opponents with an army of small drones, will be coming to the game;
  • September will mark the start of the 2nd year of the ALGS eSports competition.

During the EA Play Live event, Chad Grenier, representing Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, revealed details about the next major update for Apex Legends - Emergence. It will be released on August 3, 2021 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

In preparation for the release of Emergence Respawn released a trailer introducing us to the story of the next, 18th Legend - Seer. The new character is characterized by a hat with an extra wide brim and a futuristic outfit in shades of gold and blue. Near his heart he has an implanted device, in which he holds microdrons ready for action.

Seer's Skills

The new Legend is focused on precision and stealth gameplay. Like Bloodhound, his skills focus on finding enemies. Seer is equipped with an army of microdrones that he can use to track his opponents' actions, even through walls. As part of his Ultimate skill, the character sends out hundreds of drones that create a blue sphere in a selected location, revealing the positions of enemies within it. At the EA Play Live show we also got to see the bloody "finisher" of the new Legend. On July 26, a gameplay trailer will be released showing Seer in action.

Changes in the arena

The arena mode introduced last season was very popular among the players. Now there are many changes in store for him. Emergence will introduce new maps and, among other things, a ranked arena mode. It will be significantly different from its counterpart from the battle royale games, but we do not know the details about it yet.

Year 2 of Apex Legends Global Series

At the same time EA announced the second year of eSports competition Apex Legends Global Series. In June we had the opportunity to watch hundreds of the best teams fighting for a prize pool totaling $2,500,000.

Since September this year, we will be able to participate ourselves or follow the actions of others in the continuation of ALGS. This time the prize pool will reach $5,000,000. In the second edition of the competition, Xbox and PlayStation owners will be able to compete against PC players. More information can be found on the ALGS website.

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