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News video games 23 June 2022, 14:31

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

ARK Fjordur - Creature List

The Fjordur DLC for ARK introduces a new map filled with new creatures. Here you can find their complete list with descriptions.

The release of Fjordur DLC for ARK was associated not only with the official release of the popular map known from the mod. It was filled with new animals that we won't encounter in the base game.

ARK Fjordur - creature list

Nordic map from Fjordur is home to a whole bunch of animals. Most of them are standard creatures that players have had a chance to meet in the five years since the release of ARK. However, there are also unique creatures that only inhabit the lands present in the DLC.

We are talking about 10 animals that you will be able to encounter while exploring Midgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim or Asgard. You can find the complete list below.

  1. Andrewsarchus - is one of the creatures most associated with the Fjordur DLC. The animal has already been introduced in the expansion's trailer. It is a large mammal that will not hesitate to attack you. However, you can bribe it with honey and then tame it. This will give you a powerful mount to which you can strap an armored cannon.
  2. Desmodus - is an extremely oversized and aggressive bat, which can attack screams and also grab smaller creatures and players. However, you can tame it as long as you have the right amount of blood packets. You will then gain a sky transport capable of becoming invisible.
  3. Fenrir - is, of course, the great wolf modeled on one of the legendary children of Loki. He is a powerful creature, which you will not encounter in the wilderness, and thus will not be able to tame. Fenrir only appears during fights with selected bosses.
  4. Fjordhawk - is a large bird of prey, which prefers to avoid clashes and use the best opportunities to get food. It is also another animal that you can tame. The Fjordhawk is a valuable ally that will take your items and transport them to safety should you die.
  5. Beyla - Beyla is an insect miniboss that you will encounter in one of the caves in the northern part of the map. You cannot tame or capture her. The only activity associated with Beyla is fighting in her cave. The creature can attack using poison, so you should come prepared.
  6. Steinbjorn - is one of the toughest bosses in the open world of ARK Fjordur. He resembles a large stone bear and has powerful attacks. He also summons smaller creatures during the battle - Rubble Bears. It is impossible to tame it.
  7. Rubble Bear - are bears that resemble piles of stone and are summoned by Steinbjorn during battle. They have a large number of endurance points and can make a clash with the already powerful boss very difficult.
  8. Hati and Skoll - are a pair of large wolves that reside in Asgard and function as a double boss. Hati is characterized by high endurance, while Skoll can summon Fenrirs to help him. Both creatures can also regenerate their HP and have many devastating attacks at their disposal. The animals cannot be tamed.
  9. Fenrisúlfr - Fenrisúlfr is another boss that resembles a huge wolf, this time covered in spikes. Just like Skoll, he can summon Fenrirs to help him. He also has the highest HP pool of all the bosses in the game and can use many destructive abilities. As a reward for defeating him, we will receive a Fenrir Cryo-Chamber.

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