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News video games 16 December 2022, 14:11

Artifacts in Stalcraft Explained

Have you wondered what artifacts are available in Stalcraft? In this guide you will learn what they are used for, where to find them and how to activate them.

Stalcraft has an interesting, albeit somewhat confusing, way to improve your character's stats. In this guide you will learn about how artifacts work and how you can use them.

What are artifacts?

If you have been wondering how you can improve the stats of your character, you can do this with the help of artifacts. However, it is worth noting that some artifacts may decrease the value of another stat despite the positive effects.

For this, there are several tiers of artifacts; from Common to Unique. These tiers affect the values of stat increase as well as negative effects. Items in the Common tier will offer weaker bonuses than items in the Uncommon tier.

How to get artifacts?

It should be noted that artifacts appear randomly from anomalies. Their location is also random, and they can appear in any corner of the map. It is worth mentioning that there are four types of anomalies: Gravitational, Thermal, Biochemical and Electrophysical. Each type has its own pool of artifacts that can be acquired. To make it easier to find both artifacts and anomalies, here are our tips:

  1. Artifact detector - This device helps you find artifacts. It shows artifacts on your minimap.
  2. #emmisions on the official Stalcraft Discord channel - By joining the official Stalcraft server on Discord, you can find a special channel called #emmisions. There, other players share information about the location of emerging anomalies.

How to use artifacts?

Once you have acquired the artifacts you are interested in, you will need to put them into an item called a container. Then just put your artifacts into the free slots. The higher the tier of the container, the more slots you will have available.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

Before joining Gamepressure, he studied (in fact, still does) – for the time being, he graduated a bachelor's degree in journalism. He joined in 2019, when he took up the difficult art of writing comprehensive game guides. He likes this job best when he can write guides for soulsborne games. In his spare time, he reads about infusions that will help eliminate stress after the thousandth defeat from the hands (or claws) of the same boss. A big fan of brawler games (Tekken), which he regularly plays during various competitions (if you haven't heard of him, you already you know to what result).




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