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Patch Broke CoD MW2; Devs Advise Redownloading 200GB of Data

Agnes Adamus, 19 December 2022, 23:53

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players are suffering from a bug that prevents them from joining the game. Interestingly, the developers' proposed solution to this problem is to reinstall the game.

Potion Craft - Brew the Relax Potion

Damian Gacek, 19 December 2022, 17:54

This article will tell you how to prepare a relax potion. Find out how to help your client.

Does Project Playtime Offer Cross Platform Features?

Agnes Adamus, 19 December 2022, 17:03

Does Project: Playtime offer a cross platform option? Here you will find the answer to this question.

Hotfix for The Witcher 3 PC Now Available

Michal Ciezadlik, 19 December 2022, 16:54

CD Projekt Red has announced that it has released a hotfix for the PC version of The Witcher 3 to improve the performance of the next-gen update.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Paladin Oathbreaker Explained

Adam Adamczyk, 19 December 2022, 16:42

In Baldur's Gate 3 we have many interesting classes to choose from. In this guide you will learn how to become a Paladin Oathbreaker in BG3.

9 Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass From January

Agnes Adamus, 19 December 2022, 16:30

We learned that 9 games will leave PC/Xbox Game Pass with the coming of new year. Among them will be two strategy games - Iron Harvest and Tropico 6.

Is There Multiplayer in House Flipper?

Adam Adamczyk, 19 December 2022, 16:11

Many players would like to play House Flipper in multiplayer mode. Is it possible and is there a multiplayer mod in the game?

Potion Craft - Do you want to open chest? Find a lockpick potion!

Damian Gacek, 19 December 2022, 15:44

If you have a problem with a lock in Potion Craft, you will find the right effects in this article. Open a locked door or chest. Lockpick potion is at your disposal.

3,000 Improved Textures; The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Update Announced

Jakub Tarchala, 19 December 2022, 14:15

It turns out that The Witcher 3 next-gen update is not the end of the development of the HD Reworked mod - its creator has revealed that the next version will debut next year. The result is expected to be a refinement of more than 3,000 textures and models.

Potion Craft - Endurance Potion Recipe

Damian Gacek, 19 December 2022, 14:07

Potion Craft is all about playing alchemist. However, it is not always clear what the client has in mind. In this article, we will talk about Endurance potion.

Cheaper Game Pass With Ads? That's What Survey Suggests

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 December 2022, 12:17

There are many indications that Microsoft, following in the footsteps of Disney and Netflix, is working on a cheaper version of Xbox Game Pass. The subscription would come with some drawbacks, unfortunately.

FIFA 23 Prophecy Comes True; EA Guessed Winner of 2022 World Cup

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 December 2022, 12:10

EA Sports has „done it again” - it accurately predicted the winner of the World Cup in Qatar. This is the fourth such situation in a row. FIFA 23 was used for the simulation.