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News video games 07 October 2021, 13:44

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Salami and New Class - Biggest Patch to Date Coming to Baldur's Gate 3 [UPDATED]

Baldur's Gate III will soon receive another huge update. The massive Patch 6 will bring with it many new features, including a playable class and weaponized salami.


Larian Studios confirmed fan theories. The new class in Patch 6 will be the sorcerer. As announced, you can check it out at EGX 2021 in London, which started today. Unfortunately, there is still no date given for the next episode of Panel From Hell.

Original news:

The last big patch for the early version of Baldur's Gate III was released back in July. This means the time has come for another patch - and a huge one at that. The team at Larian Studios has announced Patch 6, which is expected to be the biggest update for the game to date. The fact that it will require 60GB of disk space speaks for itself.

As with previous major patches, after Patch 6, the existing save files will stop working - unless you opt out of the update. If we want to continue the adventure in the current version, we should go to the Steam Library, right-click on Baldur's Gate III and then go to the "Beta" tab and select "Patch 5" from the drop-down list. More information can be found in the announcement on Steam.

The announcement hardly reveals any of the numerous new features that are coming. We do know that a new playable class is coming to the game, which apparently enjoys "creating magic". In addition, Patch 6 will enable us to equip our character with a... weaponized salami. Or even two, if such is our whim - the developer has ensured that this "weapon" will support dual-wielding. This is supposed to be a reference to a certain incident from Larian Studios' July stream.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the developers' generosity in sharing information. We don't even know when exactly Patch 6 will be released, even though it's supposed to launch "soon".

Fortunately, Larian Studios doesn't want to keep us in suspense for long. A demo with the new class will be available at London's EGX trade show, which starts tomorrow. What's more, the developers will soon organize another edition of the Panel From Hell broadcast, during which they will discuss the content of the upcoming update in detail.

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Jacob Blazewicz

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