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News video games 01 March 2020, 15:51

author: Konrad Serafinski

Beautiful Desolation Devs Ask Pirates for Support

The creators of Beautiful Desolation, The Brotherhood, appealed directly to pirates, asking them for any support they can afford. There is even a special website where you can pay at least a dollar to ensure the future of the two-person devteam.

"Toss a coin to your gamedev, oh valley of plenty, oh valley of plenty..."
  1. Beautiful Desolation debuted on Wednesday (February 26). The title, according to the devs' estimations, has been illegally downloaded 50 thousand times since then.
  2. The Brotherhood's two-man team has made an appeal to the pirates to support the studio's activities, in any, even the least expensive way, they can.
  3. For this purpose, a special page has even been opened where you can make symbolic contributions to the creators' account.

Beautiful Desolation is a new production from The Brotherhood, creators of Stasis among others. The title was released on PC (Steam and a few days ago, on February 26. The game is very popular, but unfortunately the creators, mainly among pirates. At least that's what the the dev appeal to the illegal owners, published on Steam, suggests. The two artists responsible for the title addressed the piratesdirectly, asking them to have some dignity. You can read the whole message below.

Interestingly, the creators even prepared a special "amnesty page for pirates". It sounds pretty ridiculous, but if it works, it ain't stupid, as they say. By visiting this site, you can support the studio with a dollar or more. The developers promise not to contact anyone or ask unnecessary questions in any way. It is only about the possibility of further development for the two-person studio.

It is worth mentioning that the game itself was launched thanks to a successful fundraiser on Kickstarter. As you can see, its creators are still forced to ask users for additional resources. If you are interested in their production, you might want to consider buying it, especially since it can be acquired with a 10% discount on Steam. It would also be nice to consider how much influence piracy has on the industry. Assuming that the estimates presented by the creators are accurate, we can only imagine the hit their wallets must have been taken. Therefore, if you can, try to buy games from legal sources. There are so many promotions now that it shouldn't be a problem - sometimes you just have to wait a little.

  1. Beautiful Desolation - official website
Beautiful Desolation

Beautiful Desolation

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