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News video games 11 April 2020, 16:45

author: Conrad Hazi

Beautiful GTA 5 With Raytracing in Ultra and 4K

The Digital Dreams channel decided to check how good GTA 5 can look with ray-tracing, refreshed textures, and polished lighting effects in 4K and Ultra settings. To realize this plan they needed a powerful GPU and a lot of RAM, but - looking at the effects - it was worth it.

Such fun doesn't come cheap...
  • The creators of Digital Dreams channel used a mod pack to refresh GTA V.
  • A powerful machine was needed to run the game, but the results of the experiment may give you a jaw drop.

A video was published on the Digital Dreams Youtube channel, which shows how incredible effects can be achieved by a properly selected set of mods in GTA 5. The results are really stunning, but the GPU clearly had it rough.

Among the modifications installed to achieve the presented effects were texture packs, ray tracing shaders, changes in global lighting and authentic vehicles. All this has taken the game to a new level.

The most visible changes concern reflections - neon lights and other light sources break down realistically in puddles, fluctuate with water movement and disperse on vehicles. Especially night shots are impressive.

The video is available in 4K resolution. As you can guess, the hardware requirements had to be significant and to meet them, the Digital Dreams channel used a PC with the following specifications:

  • CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X 4.2 Ghz
  • GPU: MSi Armor GTX1080TI 11 Gb
  • RAM: 32 GB


Everyone can try the magic and test how the game in this configuration will work on their PC. On the aforementioned channel there is also a second material which shows how to install the 13 modifications used in the setup. You will find the video below, and its description contains links to necessary files and instructions how to enable ray tracing.

It needs to be said that with this the latest installment of the GTA series has been graphically elevated to the level of modern day games and it has nothing to be ashamed of.