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News video games 07 February 2023, 15:59

author: Sebastian Grys

BF 2042 Already has Classes, but EA DICE Won't Stop There

Changes to the class system are not enough for the developers of BF 2042. They want to introduce mechanics known from previous installments of the series into the game.

Battlefield 2042 has recently received quite a few changes related to the class system, but EA DICE has not yet said its last word in terms of updates for the game. In the next episode of the podcast, in which the developers answer fan questions, we learned an interesting thing.

Apparently, developers aim to introduce a squad management system, which in different forms has already appeared in previous parts of Battlefield and was one of the more desired mechanics by fans.

The discussion of management begins around the 33:40 mark of the podcast, where Nika Bender, producer of BF 2042 briefly mentions that DICE has already started looking into the squad management system, and explains that they first wanted to introduce a class system and make a few other changes before delving into this mechanic.

Squad management in previous BFs

We don't yet know what team management will look like in the latest installment of the series, so it's important to take a peek at how it worked before. At its core, the system included the ability to kick other players out of squads, respawn near squad members and receive XP bonuses for sticking together and fighting successfully as a team.

BF 2042 Already has Classes, but EA DICE Wont Stop There - picture #1
Classes in Battlefield 2042

In Battlefield 4 the squad leader could call in supply drops, UAV support and even request special orders from his superiors. In contrast, in Battlefield V well-cooperating squads could unlock rewards for their commander, such as V-1 and JB-2 rocket fire, as well as smoke screens, special vehicles and supplies.

In the case of BF 2042 squad management features are not so obvious, as it would have to interact with the class and specialist system, but Bender assures that the solution is in a sufficiently advanced stage of development and should appear later this year.

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