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Hogwarts Legacy Features Ancestor of a Famous Wizard; Character Analysis

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 February 2023, 20:23

Hogwarts Legacy turns out to be a real treat for Herry Potter fans. Therefore, the game could not lack a reference to a certain famous wizard. In Hogwarts we meet his ancestor. Beware of minor spoilers.

Chamber of Secrets Referenced in Hogwarts Legacy

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 06 February 2023, 20:19

Various easter eggs have been placed in Hogwarts Legacy. One of them refers to a location known from the Harry Potter movies and books. Beware of spoilers!

Spellforce Conquest of Eo - Spells Guide; Best spells and Grimoire Explained

Damian Gacek, 06 February 2023, 18:44

In this guide we talk about spells in Spellforce Conquest of Eo. We discuss the Grimoire, you will learn what the best spells are and what the schools of magic are.

Hogwarts Legacy Compared to Harry Potter Movies

Michal Ciezadlik, 06 February 2023, 17:04

If you were wondering whether Hogwarts Legacy will retain fidelity to the movies, rest assured - you will feel right at home in the game world.

The History of Harry Potter Games - We’ve Been Waiting Long Enough

Julia Dragovic, 06 February 2023, 17:00

Harry Potter games have a long history. The history of games with mediocre quality but still loved by millions of fans. Will Hogwarts Legacy be the game they were all patiently waiting for? Let's hope so!

Everspace 2 Release Date Available [UPDATE]

Adrian Werner, 06 February 2023, 16:48

Rockfish Games has revealed that it will announce the release date of the full version of the popular space shooter Everspace 2 any day now.

Footage and Details From Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Leaked

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 06 February 2023, 15:37

Footage from the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has leaked online. The gameplay fragments clearly show that the game will be different from the rest of the series.

Karma System and Adventure Currency in Dark and Darker

Damian Gacek, 06 February 2023, 15:30

In this article, we will tell you about the Karma System and Adventure Currency in Dark and Darker. Thanks to us you will learn what they are.

Hogwarts Legacy is Dream Come True - Just Not Creative One. First Reviews

Jan Kaleta, 06 February 2023, 15:24

Harry Potter fans have had to wait a long time for a game that will take them on an adventure truly full of magic and sorcery. It looks like they've finally lived to see it.

The Dark Mod - Free Heir to Thief Got Even Better

Adrian Werner, 06 February 2023, 15:19

Developed as a spiritual heir to the Thief series, free stealth game The Dark Mod has received a new version numbered 2.11.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Coming Soon? Schedule Reveal Inbound

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 February 2023, 14:13

Could Diablo 4 open beta testing be just around the corner? Not impossible. The game's producer suggested that we will know their exact date next week.

Release Date of The Sims 4 Baby Update [UPDATE]

Agnes Adamus, 06 February 2023, 14:05

The Sims 4 will receive an update adding a new life stage. Find out the release date of this patch commonly referred to as the Baby Update or Infants Update.

Differences Between Game Modes in Tribes of Midgard

Dawid Lubczynski, 06 February 2023, 14:03

There are two gameplay modes in Tribes of Midgard. In this guide you will learn what they consist of, and the differences between them.

All About Replays in Yomi Hustle

Adam Adamczyk, 06 February 2023, 14:00

Looking for a way to record and replay your games in Yomi Hustle? With the following guide, you will learn two methods.

How to Get Artifacts in Tribes of Midgard; Mechanic Explained

Adam Adamczyk, 06 February 2023, 13:50

In Tribes of Midgard, you need to acquire artifacts known as Fragments in order to fight bosses. In this guide, you will learn how to obtain them in Saga Mode and Survival Mode.

Half-Life 3 was Being Made but Valve Lost Interest; New Details

Jakub Tarchala, 06 February 2023, 13:28

Half-Life 3 was scrapped years ago, and since then Valve has not thought of resuming work on the project, claims journalist Tyler McVicker, based on the knowledge he has collected over the years about the creators of the iconic FPS series.

Action RPG From NioH Devs With New Demo and Reward for Completing It

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 February 2023, 13:11

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will receive a second demo. It will be available on all target platforms, and there will be a reward for its completion.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Won Grammy; Announcer Struggles With Title

Adrian Werner, 06 February 2023, 11:35

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarok has won the first-ever Grammy Award for Best Video Game Music. A funny incident took place during the gala.

How to Recruit New Units in SpellForce Conquest of Eo

Damian Gacek, 06 February 2023, 10:31

In this guide we discuss all ways to recruit new units in SpellForce Conquest of Eo. We will make your army powerful.

Looks Like Gran Turismo 8 is Entering Production

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 February 2023, 00:18

Although Gran Turismo 7 hit the market less than a year ago, Polyphony Digital is already said to begin work on the next installment of the iconic racing game series.

Sons of the Forest System Requirements Revealed

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 February 2023, 00:14

Sons of the Forest will debut on February 23, although for now only in early access. Accordingly, we learned the requirements of this horror-themed survival game.

Dragon Age 4 Still Far From Launch and Showing Multiplayer Roots (Leak)

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 February 2023, 00:09

According to the latest revelations provided by Tom Henderson, the release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf may be further away than previously thought. In addition, some interesting information about the game mechanics has emerged.

HD Reworked Project to Upgrade Cyberpunk 2077 Like it Did The Witcher 3

Adrian Werner, 06 February 2023, 00:06

The author of the excellent HD Reworked Project mod for The Witcher 3 has announced that he is working on a similar modification for Cyberpunk 2077.