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News guides 29 December 2023, 01:36

Can You Fix Geometry Dash (GD) Backup Failed Size Error? Answered

If you enjoy GD on multiple devices, save backup is essential to sync your progress. If the backup fails, we have information that can be useful to you.

Source: Geometry Dash, Developer: RobTop Games

Nowadays, thanks to miniaturisation, technology is ubiquitous. Relatively speaking, we went from bulky computers to small, incomparably more potent notebooks in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but in our pockets, we carry phones that are way more powerful than the machine that took people to the Moon. Obviously, having so many devices pose a lot of synchronisation problems. If you would like to continue your progress in Geometry Dash on PC or a phone, you have to backup your saves on either of the devices first. It so happens that this feature can bug out. If your backup fails due to its size, we have some information as well as something that you may try on your own to fix it.

Backup failed in GD explained

Carrying progress in Geometry Dash between PC and mobile devices is a fantastic feature… as long as it works. Many players have encountered “Backup failed. Please try again later” with size values that do not quite make sense. This error prevents from synchronizing game status between devices. There are many fan-made theories why this problem might occur, though the fact is that due to this error, players are not able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

There are several potential solutions that people came up with. One of them involves deleting all saved levels and songs, though it rarely bares any fruit. Another potential fix, that does seem to work, is to re-login on the device that throws “Backup failed” error. It can sometimes take several attempts but has a chance of working.

However, those are just workarounds of a problem, not real fixes. Everything seems to point out an issue with the game servers that are independent from our actions. Since similar problems have also appeared in the past periodically, we can expect the devs to take care of this in one of the future patches or simply by waiting till they make changes to their servers.

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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