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News video games 04 November 2021, 21:50

author: Michael Zegar

Free Clicker That Lets You Play God Gains Popularity

The free clicker Cell to Singularity, enabling us to take on the role of the creator and manage the evolutionary process has left early access on Steam and mobile devices. The game is gaining popularity and boasts many positive reviews. If you want to pass your biology course, this game is just what you need...

Do you remember the 2008 Sporefrom the creators of The Sims and its promise of managing our own evolutionary ladder? Other than it, there aren't many titles on the market which take up similar themes. That's why my heart feels warmth when I see the free clicker game Cell to Singularity quickly gaining popularity on Steam (although it's also available on Android andiOS) .

"I really feel bad that this game is free to play. It is so good I feel like I robbed someone," writes Steam review by user oonawingedwolf (9.8 hours spent in the game at review time).

There is no shortage of players who have spent up to 100 hours in the game. At this point, the title has over 9 thousand reviews on Steam, almost 90% of which are positive. The title has been in early access for almost three years. It is worth mentioning that it contains non-invasive microtransactions.

The structure of the game resembles Cookie Clicker, about the success of which we wrote about recently. For each click on the "board" we gain Entrops, which we can spend on buying more "tiers" of our evolutionary ladder (in a manner similar to that of Plague Inc). Along with our progress and achieving certain goals, the number of Entropes we gain increases.

"My 8 year old son enjoys playing this game; so I sit with him while he happy clicks away getting more fossils, idea points and so on. And he also enjoys summoning the asteroids to wipe the dinosaurs out," wrote user Slated (72.4h in game at review time).

We start the game by "buying" the atmosphere and the Moon for our newly created planet Earth. It doesn't take much time before we are able to create the first single-cell organisms and improve them e.g. by buying features like asexual reproduction. This is how we follow the path of the evolutionary road until the humn expansion to other planets and the invention of "singularity", which repeat... #110010100#!.. Critical error, please restart the simulation.

One of the greatest assets of the game is its scientific value. Thanks to it we will easily learn what is the mitochondrion or cytoplasm. In the end, it is probably much more pleasant to spend the night before a biology test on the game than over a textbook.

Cell to Singularity

Cell to Singularity

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