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News video games 28 October 2019, 13:58

author: Adrian Werner

Censorship in The Outer Worlds - From Religion to Polish Vulgarisms

Fans of The Outer Worlds have discovered that the game has a collection of almost 500 forbidden words that you can't use when naming your character. Among them were both vulgarisms and words such as „gay” and „transexual”.

The Outer Worlds focuses on freedom, but not when it comes to choosing the character's name.

The Outer Worlds, the latest game from Obsidian Entertainment, debuted last week. As befits an RPG, the title enables us to create our own character and give him/her a name. It turns out that in this last matter the devs have anticipated many limitations.

Fans have discovered that The Outer Worlds has a list of forbidden names, which the game does not allow to use during the creation of the character. Among them we can find not only vulgarisms (including some Polish ones), but also such words as "gay" or "transexual". In total, this index of forbidden words includes almost 500 positions.

The introduction of such restrictions is surprising. Similar solutions are most common in multiplayer games, and The Outer Worlds only offers single-player mode. The devs were probably trying to avoid controversy during streams.

Let us remind that The Outer Worlds was released on October 25 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is worth mentioning that on PC and XONE the title is also available as part of Game Pass.

The game met with a warm welcome. According to Metacritic, the PC version has an average rating of 82%. In case of release on PS4 it is 86%, and Xbox One version scored 85%.

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