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News video games 14 August 2020, 13:45

author: Bart Swiatek

Changes to Equipment and Appearance of Vessels in Star Wars: Squadrons

The developers responsible for Star Wars: Squadrons, Motive Studios, have provided a range of information on customization options for the equipment of spacecraft, as well as changes in the appearance of both the machine and its pilot.

Star Wars: The Squadron will offer a number of customization options for the appearance and equipment of our ship.


  1. Star Wars: Squadrons will enabes us to customize six types of components of our spaceship - weapons, engines and shield generators, among others;
  2. Some of the parts will offer passive bonuses, while others will be active - they will offer new options in the game;
  3. In the game we will also find a lot of cosmetic items - we will be able to change the appearance of the pilot (e.g. head, outfit, helmet) and the vessel (colors and cockpit).

In the latest video from the Pilot Briefing series, the creators of Star Wars: Squadrons, developers at Motive Studios, have shared information on the possibilities of upgrading and customizing both pilots and starships.

Starship Components

Starships will be customizable with the use of components purchased with the so-called Requisition Points, gained during the game. Some of the components will have little impact on the ship's efficiency, others will change or improve its performance in a fundamental way. In total, we will be able to install the equipment in six or seven slots, with the improvements being "active" in four cases (they will directly affect the gameplay, e.g. by offering additional capabilities or changing the way we shoot), and "passive" in the other cases. (stat bonuses, mostly percentages):

  1. Primary Weapons (active) - these are the main guns of our vehicle. Individual options may vary e.g. in speed or range;
  2. Auxiliary (active) - components of this type offer additional capabilities. In this category we will find, for example, a repair astromech or a torpedo guidance system. The player will be able to install two components of this type;
  3. Countermeasures (active) - these are things that will enable us to survive longer. For example, it's the equivalent of modern flares or equipment that makes it difficult to track a fighter;
  4. Hull (passive) - improvements of the ship's hull, influencing e.g. its resistance or manoeuvrability;
  5. Shields (passive) - shield generators. Some models will handle rockets better, others blasters. Components may also differ in the time of shield regeneration and offer additional benefits (e.g. make it difficult to track a fighter when the shields are fully charged). It is worth noting that some ships will not have a shield generator;
  6. Engines (passive) - a starship engine. It is responsible for speed and acceleration, but it can also offer other benefits (e.g. bigger explosion after destruction - an ideal choice for lone wolves who like to challenge entire squadrons of enemy fighters).

Cosmetic items for pilots and ships

There will be a number of cosmetic items in the game that will change the looks of both our pilot and the ship. These will be acquired by spending so-called Glory Points (similarly to Requisition Points, these are also collected by playing).

In case of the pilot, we will be able to change the head, outfit, equipment visible on the chest, trousers, helmet and gloves. In the fighters we will be able to modify the colors and various elements of the cockpit - we will get, among other things, the option of adding small items that distinguish the cabin from others (e.g. hologram showing the galaxy, Stormtrooper helmet or a miniature Millennium Falcon).

Not every cockpit in Star Wars: Squadrons will look the same.

Unfortunately, the option of changing the cockpit will be limited to the multiplayer mode - we won't find it in the story campaign, where we will have to get used to the basic layout. What is interesting is that in multiplayer games the cockpits are to be visible in kill cams.

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