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News video games 31 July 2023, 22:50

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Maps in Cities: Skylines 2 Will be Huge; New Video

Cities: Skylines 2 will not introduce many architectural styles, but players will get much larger (and taller) maps than in the first installment.

Source: Colossal Order / Paradox Interactive

There are still almost three months until the release of the second part of the city builder from Colossal Order, but the team is not letting us forget about its new game. This week the developers unveiled the maps and city themes that will appear in Cities: Skylines 2.

As before, the details were discussed in a post published both on Steam and the publisher's official forum - Paradox Interactive. As always, a video summarizing the most important information was also made available.

Compared to the developer's previous diary entries, this time the news is not overly complicated. Players will get at their disposal 10 maps, to 159 square kilometers in size - five times larger than in the original Cities: Skylines. Among them we will find river deltas, mountainous areas (yes, the height of the locations has also increased) and highlands and archipelagos.

  1. As a side note: the video shows 12 maps, but two of them - San Francisco and Tampere - will be part of the Expansion Pass. The game will enable those who pre-order the game to unlock them early in Cities: Skylines 2.
  2. When choosing a location, it will be better to pay attention to location, cost, climatic conditions, available land for construction and resources (including from connections beyond the map, the so-called outside connections). There will be additional settings, including disasters, tutorials, left-hand traffic and unlimited funds.
  3. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning we will have access to only nine fields (the entire map will consist of 441 of them), with one field being about 1/3 smaller than in Cities: Skylines.

As for themes, the matter is even more simple. As mentioned when discussing buildings, in Cities: Skylines 2 there will be two styles to choose from: European and American. Unfortunately, these will be the only themes available, at least at launch.

  1. The choice of style will translate into the appearance of buildings, but also some vehicles and signs and traffic lights. Not all such variations will be available at launch (as already confirmed).
  2. The game will allow for mixing the two themes when putting up buildings, but the default style will be the dominant one and it will not be possible to change it once the game starts.
Maps in Cities: Skylines 2 Will be Huge; New Video - picture #1

Comparison of European-style housing (left) and American-style housing (right) in Cities Skylines 2.Source: Collosal Order / Paradox Interactive.

More information can be found in a post published on Paradox's official website and on Steam. This is the sixth entry out of the planned thirteen, and in the next one we will learn details about the weather (or "climate") and the seasons.

Cities: Skylines 2 will launch on October 24. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. In addition, the title will be immediately available on Game Pass.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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