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Internet Users Check Shepard's Kill Count in Mass Effect Trilogy

Adrian Piotrowski, 07 March 2021, 18:33

A group of internet users led by Reddit user TK-576 counted how many enemies fell by Shepard's hand in the first three installments of Mass Effect.

The Fresh Crusade in WoW Becomes a Hit

Paul Musiolik, 07 March 2021, 17:58

The Fresh Crusade action organized by the World of Warcraft community, announced a few days ago, turned out to be a big success. Over 3 thousand players have started their adventure on the server from scratch.

Control and Alan Wake Devs Want to Create an Interesting Universe

Adrian Piotrowski, 07 March 2021, 17:42

Director of Remedy Entertainment revealed some details about the studio's future and admitted that one of the main goals is to create an interesting universe, to which both developers and players will return.

Digital Foundry Report on Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Paul Musiolik, 07 March 2021, 17:29

Digital Foundry decided to see how Horizon Zero Dawn fares on PC after the many patches that have come out since the game's release in August 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode Delayed Again

Adrian Piotrowski, 07 March 2021, 17:25

Watch Dogs Legion owners on all consoles and Google Stadia will wait a little over 2 weeks for the release of the multiplayer mode. PC users must arm themselves with even more patience.