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News video games 05 June 2021, 18:26

author: Agnes Adamus

CS:GO Partially Paid; Ranked Matches Only for Prime Accounts

A new update has been released for CS:GO, changing the status of Prime accounts. Prime status can now only be obtained by purchasing a special upgrade. Non-Prime players will no longer have access to ranked matches and other game features.

New update for CS:GO has introduced important changes that will make us pay for some features of the game. This is all due to the new status of Prime accounts and the implementation of non-ranked matches into the game. For full access to everything the title has to offer, we will have to pay 11.99 USD.

A note published by Valve outlines the changes to the entire system. CS:GO is still available to download for free. Those who choose this option will receive a Non-Prime status and will only be able to play with limited features. They will still be able to play all game modes and play on the community servers. However, access to ranked games will be blocked.

The players operating on a free account will not receive experience, levels, tournament ranks, and items. This means that from now on there is no way to gain free Prime status by progressing in the game. All players who do not wish to lose their achievements must opt-in to upgrade their account within two weeks.

At the same time, the rules for matching players in non-ranked matches have also been announced. These will be based on player skill, but will not affect tournament ranks.

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