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News video games 30 March 2021, 16:31

author: Michal Ciezadlik

Community Comments on Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Effects

Yesterday, Cyberpunk 2077 received the long-awaited patch 1.2, whose task was to fix a huge number of bugs still present in the game. The gaming community received CD Projekt RED's efforts in various ways.

  • The first reactions to Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 are here;
  • Part of the community praises the changes, including better optimization and elimination of some bugs;
  • However, not everyone has such a positive opinion - according to many people the patch did not improve the gameplay comfort too much.

We've known about the fact that fixing Cyberpunk 2077 will be a long and painful process since right after the launch. Yesterday the studio made the first such big step in the transformation from ugly duckling to a (hopefully) beautiful swan. Patch 1.2, with 504-item long patch notes, finally debuted on PC, PS4, PS5, as well as XONE and XSX/S.

A day after releasing this sizable patch we check how the reception of the title has changed (and if at all) among the players. First, a handful of statistics from SteamDB - according to the popular site, patch 1.2 didn't help Cyberpunk 2077 attract back too many players. On the day of the patch's release, at the best moment less than 16.5 thousand people were playing CD Projekt RED's production at the same time . It's important to mention, however, that while CP2077 's rating on Steam over the past month continues to be "mixed," most of the reviews were positive on the day the update was released. We'll be watching to see if this trend continues in the coming days.

The Reddit community has reacted vividly to the changes that patch 1.2 brought with it. Opinions on the improvements are divided. Some players praise the performance:

"I like the changes in the patch - there are many more gangsters in the city, there are new scenes with them, the fight is much more difficult, the physics engine has been improved. Keep it up!"

Among many reviews, you can even find a flattering opinion about the infamous PS4 version, which had gigantic problems both with bugs and maintaining performance.

"I tried playing on my base ps4 and had an awful time. My main issue was frame rate drops to the point it was unplayable. That and the annoying ALWAYS getting a call from characters.

Also, anytime I got in a vehicle i dropped to 10fps immediately. Not to mention all the bugs and crashes.

I fired up tonight and ITS LIKE A DIFFERENT GAME. The frame rates don’t drop even during combat and driving. The calls have stopped. The combat has improved. Driving feels better."

One reddit user praises the impact of patch 1.2 on the PS5 version:

"The game on PS5 plays like butter, insanely smooth 60fps with 0 drops. On top of this, the game looks MUCH better in the daytime and equally more phenomenal in the night time. The menu is now quick and responsive, and driving feels much more in tune and tight. This is actually what the game should’ve launched at. March 29th, 2021.

I cannot wait for the fully optimized ps5 version along with the sprinkling of story dlc. I have high hopes for Cyberpunk now.

Unfortunately, not all opinions about the changes are equally positive. Some players still complain about the game's technical condition. One user noted that in the PC version of the game, after entering a vehicle all NPCs disappear from the streets.

Some people also report cases in which the game refuses to work on PC at all and will not start.

Also Reddit user Mr_Nobody0 sees no reasons to be happy, as he did not feel any improvement on his PS4 Slim. In this version, the game is said to still suffer from significant fps drops during combat, as well as empty streets, both in terms of pedestrians and drivers.

To sum up the opinions gathered earlier, let's consider the comment by user struggi123, who listed on Reddit all the bugs he found in his current PC version of Cyberpunk 2077:

"IN CONCLUSION: IF performance on consoles is fixed and the quests are fixed, I recommend you give it a shot, even 100%-ing the game. BUT, if you already finished and were waiting for a second or third playthrough like me... this ain't it chief."

In other words, so many people, so many minds, but one can cautiously conclude that the game has moved in the right direction and is slowly starting to take shape as it should.

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