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News guides 15 April 2023, 22:17

author: Damian Gacek

Dark and Darker - Cut Throat and Jokester Bug Explained [Update]

In this guide we will tell you about Rogue’s Cut Throat skill in Dark and Darker. We will also explain Jokester bug.

Dark and Darker is a well-liked indie game created by Ironmace studio that combines the elements of a dungeon crawler and a battle royale. The title's unique gameplay has caught the attention of fans, attracting thousands of players every day. However, since it has not been officially released yet, occasional playtests are the only opportunities to play it for the time being. One of them started yesterday. It introduced some novelties. Among them are new skills for the Rouge class. In this guide we will tell you about Cut Throat and Jokester bug.

Jokester bug in Dark and Darker [Update]

  1. Jokester (in game description) – The Rogue lightens the mood, giving all party members around him a +2 all attributes buff.

There is a chance that the buff will be applied multiple times. We are not sure what triggers this bug, so to be safe don’t use the skill. Using this is unfair (obviously) and punishable by developers – you will get a ban for the duration of the playtest period for abusing the bug. Developers are aware of the problem and try to fix it.

Update: the hotfix was announced on Dark and Darker Discord channel. Among other things we can find this sentence:

  1. Fixed an issue where Jokester, Holy Aura, Slayer could stack unintentionally.

It means that it should be safe to use the skill.

Cut Throat in Dark and Darker

  1. Cut Throat (in-game description) – Silently issue a warning, making your intention clear.

It is a new skill in the game. The description itself is not very helpful, however the name of the skill is. Cut Throat can silence casters. What does it mean? You can stop their spells with it.

Dark and Darker Guide

If you are curious about this and other mechanics included in the game, then you must read our guide - Dark and Darker Guide. You will learn all the most important information.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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