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News guides 30 November 2023, 04:25

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Dark and Darker - Quest Items List

Dark and Darker has introduced a quest mechanic in the latest update. Find out which items you’re going to need for tasks in this guide.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: Ironmace

Dark and Darker added a quest system in its second major update. The tasks are given by merchants, and range from killing monsters to bringing them specific items. No matter if you want to find out what from your loot you can sell and what you should keep, or if you’re only starting to look for the right drops, our list of quest items will come in handy.

Dark and Darker – Quest Items List Basics

The items needed for the quests in Dark and Darker depend on the merchant giving the assignment. We’ve divided our list by each shopkeeper so you can find out what you’re going to need more easily.

Armourer Quest Items List

Mining for a Piece of Mind

  1. 15 Cobalt Ingot
  2. 10 Rubysilver Ingot

Goblin Merchant Quest Items List

The Goblin’s Pride

  1. 20 Goblin Ears

Leathersmith Quest Items List

Lost Daughter

  1. 15 Leather Caps

Never Give Up

  1. 15 Wolf pelts
  2. 1 Troll Pelt

Nicholas (Santa) Quest Items List

Gingerbread Stocking

  1. 100 Gingerbread Cookies

Tailor Quest Items List

Sprucing Up

  1. 15 Old Cloth
  2. 3 Enchanted Dark Fabric
  3. 1 Spider Silk

Tavern Master Quest Items List

Building Trust

  1. 1 Golden Teeth
  2. 2 Rusty Broken Sword
  3. 6 Bones
  4. 4 Broken Skull

Hidden Reserves

  1. 10 Ale

Friend of the Dark Arts

  1. 8 Maggots
  2. 5 Old Cloth
  3. 1 Enchanted Dark Fabric
  4. 1 Mimic Tongue
  5. 1 Centaur Hoof

Collector Quest Items List

Unique Finds

  1. 2 Wolf Fang
  2. 2 Wolf Pelt
  3. 6 Moldy Bread
  4. 8 Grave Essence

More Like Home

  1. 3 Ancient Scrolls
  2. 3 Gold Waterpot
  3. 3 Gold Crown

Treasurer Quest Items List

Bundle of Bangles

  1. 11 different types of Bangles

Ceremonial Secret

  1. 15 Ceremonial Daggers

Buying Opportunity

  1. 1 Legendary Ruby
  2. 1 Legendary Emerald
  3. 1 Legendary Sapphire
  4. 1 Legendary Diamond

Weaponsmith Quest Items List

Aiding a Legacy

  1. 15 Rare (Blue) Weapons

The Secrets of Gold

  1. 20 Gold Ingot

Woodsman Quest Items List

Fire’s Compassion

  1. 15 Campfires