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News video games 23 February 2023, 16:51

Darktide Devs Fulfilled Some of Their Promises; Players are Impressed

A major update to Warhammer 40,000: Darktide was released yesterday, containing quite a few fixes and improvements. The game, which was a big disappointment at launch, may regain some of the fan trust with this update.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - a cooperative shooter by Fatshark - has received a sizable update to improve many aspects of the game that the fans have complained about.

The game's release, which took place late last year, was not met with a positive reception - a rain of criticism fell on, among other things, aggressive microtransactions, disastrous optimization and overall poor technical condition. The developers admitted their mistakes and announced suspension of work on additional content until the most pressing problems are resolved. Does the latest update 1.0.30 solve at least some of them?

A large handful of improvements and new features

When we look at the list of changes in the patch notes, their number will seem impressive=. The developers decided to include a lot of gameplay-enhancing features, fix a ton of bugs, as well as enrich the game with more rewarding challenges, while improving the gameplay balance (just take a look at the weapons section).

Among the many, many new features are:

  • customized weapon sets: equipment sets can now be freely changed and saved. Up to 5 different customizable sets will be available in the game, which will include weapons, equipment, cosmetic items and skills.
  • armory, which has gained a new tab - Brunt's Armoury, where any available weapon can be purchased for the player. In this case, the acquisition cost of each weapon is to start at the base price and scale with the player's level.
  • Sir Melk's Requisitorium, a contracting place that has received a better balance, so that the tasks that appear are now easier.
  • Changes that have also been made to the blessings obtained in the Shrine of the Omnissiah. With the update, blessings can be "removed" from weapons and applied to weapons with the same designation (Mk). Blessings are shared among all characters in your account.
  • Emperor's Gift, a reward in the form of a random item that is now awarded after each completed mission. The more difficult the mission, the more likely you are to receive a valuable item.
Darktide Devs Fulfilled Some of Their Promises; Players are Impressed - picture #1

Source: Fatshark

Players react to the changes

The mighty handful of changes introduced in the update have not escaped the attention of Darktide's player community. The gamers seem to be positive about the novelties introduced by the developers. On the r/DarkTide subreddit the comments show a lot of satisfaction.

"I think this shows that they [the developers - ed.] have finally started to listen to us. I hope that similar solutions will be applied to currency, equipment and contracts in the next patch," wrote user ChintzyAdde.

"Shared blessings will make a lot of people happy, at least I think so.

Patch looks good overall. Edit: I just saw all the added balance stuff. Patch looks very good indeed!," praises user rowleybirkin.

While there is obviously still a lot of work to be done, it seems that the players have decided that the update is a step in the right direction. Devs at Fatshark certainly hope that it will improve the game's ratings, which have not been the best recently.

On Steam the game's overall rating remains "mixed," although player reviews have been "mostly negative" recently - with only 32% of reviews positive. Will the update turn the tide for Darktide? Time will tell.

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