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News video games 27 February 2021, 16:08

author: Adrian Werner

Deep Rock Galactic With Free Weekend and Roadmap For 2021

The devs of Deep Rock Galactic celebrate the third birthday of the game. A free weekend and a price reduction were organized on Steam. The game's roadmap for 2021 was also revealed.

  • Update No. 34 (April): mod support, balance improvements, customizable pads;
  • Update No. 35 (Fall): new mission type, additional weapons and weapon mods, interface improvements.

A free weekend with Deep Rock Galactic, an unusual online FPS by the Danish studio Ghost Ship Games, has started on Steam. The game will be available for two more days. Unfortunately, only PC gamers can test the title without paying. Xbox One users must do without this time.

If you like the game, it's worth using the special offer on Steam, where Deep Rock Galactic is available 35% off. The same discounts were implemented for its DLCs.

Promotion and free weekend were organized on the occasion of the game's third birthday. Deep Rock Galactic launched in early access on February 28, 2018 on PC (in Steam Early Access), as well as Xbox One console (as part of Xbox Game Preview). The title turned out to be quite a success. Last month, the devs boasted that sales exceeded 2 million copies.

While celebrating the birthday of the game, Ghost Ship Games also revealed a roadmap for 2021. Works on the previously announced update No. 34 are progressing at a good pace and the devs expect it to be released in April, this year. The patch will introduce improvements to the gameplay balance (especially in terms of weapons and equipment modifications) and will finally enable you to change gamepad settings.

Above all, patch 34 will offer support for fan modifications, which will be available only on PC. The players will receive convenient tools to easily activate and deactivate mods, as well as filter of installed projects. There will also be an option to create multiple profiles for saves, so that we do not have to worry that the possible imperfections of mods will spoil our saved game states.

The third quarter is planned as the release period of a much more ambitious update number 35. The patch will introduce a new type of mission and significantly expand the arsenal available to the players. There will be additional types of weapons and parts for their customization. The catalog of cosmetic items will also be expanded. Moreover, we can expect some interface improvements.

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