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Desert Rush in FF7 Rebirth - How to Get Tifa's Weapon

Would you like to get Tifa's weapon in the Desert Rush mini-game, yet you have problems with it? It will become much easier with our guide to FF7 Rebirth.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy 7. In addition to an extensive storyline and many side missions, players can also take part in various mini-games, such as Fort Condor. However, in this guide we will cover another one, which is called Desert Rush. In addition, you will learn how to unlock Tifa's weapon - Dragon Claws - in this mode!

How to unlock and play Desert Rush in FF7 Rebirth?

Desert Rush is a mini-game that involves destroying as many boxes as possible in a certain amount of time. You will unlock this mode when you reach Chapter 8. When you get to that point, head to The Dustbowl and then to Settlement - Ground Level and talk to the NPC behind the counter.

How to Beat Desert Rush Rank III and Get Tifa’s Weapon?

In order to get Tifa's weapon, the Dragon Claws, you must obtain a III Rank in Desert Rush mini-game. This means getting a minimum score of 42,000 points in a fixed period of time. Here is a bunch of tips to help you destroy proper number of boxes.

Use Punisher Stab on Small Boxes!

When you notice a large number of small boxes that are placed in close proximity to each other, the fastest way to destroy them all is to use the Square, (Hold) Square combination to make use of the Punisher Stab attack. Remember to be in the Punisher Mode first!

Triple Slash is helpful in destroying Big Boxes

While small boxes can be easily destroyed with a quick attack (or better Punisher Attack), large ones are tougher and you have to hit them several times. Stronger combinations of attacks will be ideal in destroying these obstacles. Triple Slash is the perfect solution to this problem!

Shock Boxes and Gear Boxes are connected with each other

Gear Boxes cannot be destroyed just like that. Usually, they will be an obstacle to moving to the next part of the map. To destroy them, you must first knock down Shock Boxes - these are large boxes with a lightning bolt icon.

Remember, however, that Gear Boxes sometimes require the destruction of multiple Shock Boxes. Pay attention to the color of the lightning bolt. If the symbol is red, it indicates that you do not have destroyed enough Shock Boxes.

Speed Demon Keychain is your good friend!

This item is an accessory that you can equip on Cloud. Put it on, as it will recharge the ATB Gauge after using the Weapon Skill. This will be very helpful in clearing the locations of boxes faster.

Focus on destroying Big Boxes

You will get a lot more points for destroying a Big Box than for knocking down a dozen Small Boxes. That's why it's a good idea to focus on them first, unless the small boxes are right in your path.

Attack the Elevator

Don't look for any levers or switches to activate the elevator. Just start attacking it with quick weapon strikes.

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