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News guides 15 March 2024, 07:31

author: Agnes Adamus

FF7 Rebirth - How to Cheese 3D Brawler Guide

Do you have problems with 3D Brawler in FF7 Rebirth? From this guide you learn how to cheese this minigame.

Source: FF7 Rebirth, developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. In this game, Cloud’s team goes to the place known as The Forgotten Capital. The game is filled with all sorts of side activities. One of them is 3D Brawler. From this guide you will learn how to cheese this minigame.

3D Brawler in FF7 Rebirth Explained

3D Brawler is one of the minigames available in FF7 Rebirth. You will fight with various opponents during this mode. The whole activity is based on launching attacks. At the same time, you must avoid hits from opponents. To do this you should move the Analog Stick in the opposite direction of the opponent's blow.

Timing also plays an important role. This is because you have to make dodges at the same moment as the opponent launches an attack.

In total, you will have to fight six characters:

  1. Saucer Brawler and Fat Moogle are very easy opponents. They only have basic attacks that can be effortlessly avoided.
  2. Dio is the last standard mode enemy. In his case, the problem is animation. Right Upper and Right Hook are very similar to each other. Upper is distinguished only by the fact that Dio leans more. Additionally he is the first opponent with a Combo Attack. At this time he brings out the following attacks – right hook, left hook and right upper.
  3. Shiva is a hard mode opponent that has four different attacks – two hooks, right upper and right straight.
  4. Ifrit is the second hard mode opponent. He has five different attacks at his disposal - two hooks, two uppers and right straight.
  5. Sephiroth will become available in chapter 12, when you finish Can't Stop, Won't Stop side quest. He’s the most difficult opponent because he’s the only one with all six different attacks at his disposal.

How to Cheese 3D Brawler in FF7 Rebirth?

Fights in 3D Brawler can sometimes be difficult. However, they can be made easier to some extent. To do this, you must use the pause. This allows you to calmly check from which side your opponent will launch an attack. You can also prepare a dodge, because there is no delay for your moves after resume.

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