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author: Olga Fiszer

FF7 Rebirth - Measure Mako Frequency Locations

Looking for Mako Frequency Locations in FF7 Rebirth? Read on if you want to find all Lifespring Survey Stations and finish From Whence Life Flows side quest.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; developer: Square Enix

In Chapter 10 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Cloud and his companions explore the Cosmo Canyon Region. One of the odd jobs from this area is From Whence Life Flows, also known as Bugenhagen’s Request. To complete this quest, you need to travel around the region to inspect Lifespring Survey Stations. Check our guide, where we marked all 5 Mako Frequency locations on a map to help you find them.

How to Find Mako Frequency Locations in FF7 Rebirth

Completing From Whence Life Flows requires measuring Mako Frequency in 5 different areas of Cosmo Canyon. Bugenhagen will only reveal the next spot once you’ve discovered the previous one. The Cosmo Canyon Chocobo will definitely be a lifesaver for navigating the vast canyon.

Mako Frequency LocationsFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth; developer: Square Enix

  1. Mako Frequency #1: Glide down on a Chocobo near the Kamaria’s Ranch and head east through the desert. Look for a wooden gate to activate the cutscene.
  2. Mako Frequency #2: This place is located on the western side of the region. Three Desert Sahagins are guarding the barricade.
  3. Mako Frequency #3: After inspecting the previous location, head southeast and go up the ruins. Clear the gate from enemies and examine the Lifespring.
  4. Mako Frequency #4: The survey station is situated northeast of the Gliding Range Tower.
  5. Mako Frequency #5: The final location is in the southern reaches of the canyon. Go to the bottom of the mountain. There you’ll find a series of ramps spiraling upwards. Follow them all the way to the top.

After opening the last survey station gate, you will have to defeat three Threadspinner Chimeras that are weak to Ice spells and attacks, but only magic abilities will inflict a Pressure status on them.

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