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author: Olga Fiszer

How to Steal and Deliver the Tonberry King Crown in FF7 Rebirth

Check our guide on how to successfully steal the Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and find out what will happen if you give Johnny the Marred Crown instead.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has many side quests and optional activities. After reaching Costa del Sol, an old friend Johnny will ask you to help with his new project – the Seaside Inn. The final task is to deliver him the crown from the Tonberry King. Keep reading if you want to know how to steal the Pristine Crown and how to defeat the boss.

FF7 Rebirth – How to Find the Tonberry King

Once you’re finished with previous tasks from Johnny, he will ask for a Pristine Crown from a Tonberry King. This boss is available in the Corel Desert, a location unlocked in Chapter 9 after you visit the Gold Saucer and progress through the main story. To discover the hiding spot of Tonberry King, you have to scan all six Expedition Intel Lifespring Crystals.

FF7 Rebirth – How to Steal the Tonberry King Pristine Crown

Before the fight with the Tonberry King, make sure to equip one or two members of your Party with the Steal Materia. Yuffie and Tifa are ideal for this role. Improve your odds by boosting their Luck stat with Luck Up Materia or equip them with accessories like Luck Up Materia Earrings.

Start the fight with casting some debuff spells to weaken the boss. Most of his attacks can instantly kill you, so focus on dodging them, and revive any fallen allies if needed. The key to quickly stealing his crown is to inflict him with Pressure. As soon as his attack is dodged, deal enough damage to trigger this status. Once the Tonberry King is pressured, he will drop his crown. Cast the Steal ability on the crown, not the Tonberry King, and don’t let the enemy recover it. After you manage to steal the Pristine Crown, finish the fight and deliver it to Johnny.

If you defeat the Tonberry King without stealing his crown, you’ll get a Marred Crown, which you can still give to Johnny, but he won’t be happy about it and he will question its junkiness.

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