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Destiny 2 (D2) - How to Unlock Facet of Awakening

Do you wonder how to unlock the Facet of Awakening in Destiny 2 The Final Shape? In our guide you will find the answer to this question.

Source: Destiny 2, developer: Bungie

Destiny 2, with a new expansion called The Final Shape, has introduced many interesting features to the game. One of them, for example, is Vestiges of Light and Darkness. These can be used to unlock Prismatic Fragments. Each of them has its own unique name, and in this guide, we will deal with the Facet of Awakening. You will learn from it how to unlock this one!

Destiny 2 – How to Unlock Facet of Awakening

Acquiring Prismatic Fragments is not a complicated process, however, it can take a long time. In the case of Facet of Awakening, the first step you should do is to collect 5 Vestige of Light. This may give you an item called Memory: Refractions of Light. To get the Vestige of Light, you need to defeat shiny enemies in Cyst battles (Alone in the Dark quest). You can read more about it in a separate guide.

Once you manage to collect 5 Vestige of Light and acquire Memory: Refractions of Light, a green marker will appear on your map, exactly in its western part. The mission will be named the same as your newly acquired Memory.

Of course, pick and track this mission. Follow the active indicator on your HUD. As you traverse further through areas, you will encounter a fair number of various enemies. You can kill them to make your path easier, however, this is not required. You might as well avoid enemies.

When you get the message “near objective” on the left side of the screen, it will mean that you are very close to the place where you can obtain the Tacet of Awakening. You will notice some opponents there and a tall tree. You have to jump on it and go up. There is a chest at the top of it. After opening it, you will receive the Prismatic Fragment Facet of Awakening.

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