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News video games 23 April 2023, 22:38

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Diablo 4 is Not Infinite; Dev Reveals More About Endgame

Despite the fact that Diablo IV's gameplay will enable players to surpass level 100, the game will have an ending. Some light was shed on the final boss battle by one of the creators of D4.

With the upcoming release of Diablo IV developers from Blizzard Entertainment are increasingly heating up the atmosphere of anticipation for the game. This time, the game's co-director Joseph Piepiora addressed the issue of the title's endgame.

Grand finale

It turns out that, unlike previous titles in the Diablo series, which were often characterized by an almost endless quest for loot and character progression, Diablo IV is designed with a grand finale in mind.

The encounter with the final boss itself promises to be an epic battle that may require several approaches. Piepiora described it as "extremely difficult," and forcing players to use the maximum level of their characters, proper tactics and teamwork to ultimately succeed.

"At level 100, we do have a pinnacle boss encounter we want players to engage with that's been balanced so that it's extraordinarily, extraordinarily challenging," he said. "Players that reach level 100 are going to have an extremely difficult time on this boss encounter. And the expectation is that you take your class, you understand your build, you've maximized everything that you possibly can about it, and you really have learned encountered very well. And that's going to be the way that you can maybe take it down," the developer explained (via GamesRadar ).

Rewarding satisfaction

The developer also added that players will be rewarded for victory with cosmetic items and other bonuses, but they will not be the most important compensation. The main reward is supposed to be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from defeating the most challenging bosses..

"That's the point, is to say, 'I have managed to get an extremely powerful character build together. This is my capstone, this is the goal that I have for myself within like a period of time after I've reached level 100'. You know, that's the aspirational piece, we want players to chase. There's cosmetic things, there's other rewards you can get from that encounter. But it's not about getting more gear at that point. Like that's kind of like the point of getting the gear is to fight that that particular boss," Piepiora said.

Finally, a reminder that May 12 will see the start of another open beta of Diablo IV. This will be the last chance for players and developers to check out the game before its official release. The launch will take place on June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX/S.

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