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News guides 24 March 2023, 22:20

author: Jacek Halas

Diablo 4 - How to Use Transmog; Hide Your Helmet and Change Appearance

In this guide we will tell you how to use Transmog in Diablo 4. You will be able to hide your helmet and change appearance.

Our guide to Diablo 4 explains if you can choose the gender of the hero and change it later in the game. As the game has a transmog system, you will also learn how to change the appearance of the protagonist's gear while maintaining the stats of the best items you have. Hide your helmet!

Gender - Body type

Body Type is a choice available for all hero classes and offers two genders. Gender selection must be made in the character creator before going into the details of the character's appearance (face, skin color, scars, tattoos, etc.).

Unfortunately, you cannot change your gender later on. This decision is permanent.


During the actual game, actions related to changing the character's appearance are done with the Wardrobe – you can find it in the hero's room. The first such opportunity appears after reaching Kyovashad.

Transmog - How to hide your helmet; Wardrobe menu

In the Appearance tab, there are limited options for modifying the appearance of the character. You can change makeup, jewelry and markings. Other options from the wizard will remain unavailable.

The Wardrobe tab is more interesting. It allows you to change the appearance of your equipment without affecting your stats, offering a transmog system. These modifications are purely cosmetic and do not affect your character's traits:

  1. in the active inventory slot, you can have item A set and use its stats;
  2. at the same time, have item B's appearance set via wardrobe – this will not affect the stats, which will still be based on item A.

Alternatively, you can also remove the item's appearance completely. You can, for example, hide your helmet or make your character run naked and at the same time calculate stats of the armor placed in the slot in the inventory.

Jacek Hałas

Jacek Hałas

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