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Dragon Age: The Veilguard Without Fully Open World. Devs Bet on Quests

Jacob Blazewicz, 13 June 2024, 00:49

Dragon Age: The Veilguard won't allow exploring everywhere, as the developers rely on hand-designed quests.

Baldur's Gate 3 Will Let You Change Your Character's Appearance

Kamil Kleszyk, 15 August 2023, 13:08

Until now, once created, a character in Baldur's Gate 3 has remained the same throughout the game. However, this may soon change.

Make Your Life Easier With This Baldur's Gate 3 Build Calculator

Michal Ciezadlik, 31 July 2023, 15:56

Baldur's Gate 3 will arrive on our devices very soon. If you're looking for some good ideas on how to build your character, this build calculator might be helpful.

11 Minutes of Character Creator in Baldur's Gate 3; Devs Fixated on Intimate Zones

Kamil Kleszyk, 20 July 2023, 12:43

Baldur's Gate 3 is expected to offer the best character creator in the history of the RPG genre. The multitude of choices is truly impressive.

Can Cal's appearance be changed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Olga Fiszer, 02 May 2023, 14:39

Wondering if it's possible to change Cal's appearance at will in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Here you will learn what outfits and cosmetic items are available in the game and how to get them.

Diablo 4 - How to Use Transmog; Hide Your Helmet and Change Appearance

Jacek Halas, 24 March 2023, 22:20

In this guide we will tell you how to use Transmog in Diablo 4. You will be able to hide your helmet and change appearance.

NFS Unbound With RPG-like Character Creator and Tons of Car Tuning Options

Adrian Werner, 30 October 2022, 20:32

Criterion has shared information on driver and car tuning in Need for Speed Unbound. Especially in this first respect, the latest installment of the series is expected to be more elaborate than previous games.

Civ 6 Fans Envy Features of New Competitor

Miriam Moszczynska, 14 June 2022, 14:15

Announced the day before yesterday, Ara: History Untold seems to be the next significant competitor to Civilization. The game will offer, among other things, the ability to create your own commander.

STALKER 2 Without Character Customization

Michael Zegar, 06 April 2022, 14:35

According to information posted on the official Discord channel of STALKER, the upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl will lack character customization. However, it may appear in an additional game module.

Lost Ark Will Get More Genders and Less Skimpy Outfits

Przemyslaw Dygas, 09 March 2022, 11:05

Lost Ark will receive more options for character gender selection. Less skimpy outfits will also be added to the game.

Aloy, Ciri and Faith in Cyberpunk 2077; Player Shows Off Power of Improved Editor

Przemyslaw Dygas, 08 March 2022, 11:26

New character editor in Cyberpunk 2077 can really do a lot. Its capabilities were shown by one of the players.

Popular Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Updated; Create Your Own V Face Collection

Przemyslaw Dygas, 28 February 2022, 12:21

The mod that enables us to change V's appearance has just received an update. It will now be available for use it in the latest version of Cyberpunk 2077 and offer the option to save multiple face presets at once.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Restores V from E3 2018

Przemyslaw Dygas, 25 February 2022, 11:27

The patch for Cyberpunk 2077 introduces new character customization options. Some of them enable us to recreate the female V from 2018.

Lost Ark Devs Present Character Customization

Michal Ciezadlik, 19 January 2022, 14:58

The developers responsible for Lost Ark's entry into the Western market have prepared some footage for players that shows how character editing will look in the game.

Elden Ring Dominates Steam Wishlists; Game's Character Wizard Leaked

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 January 2022, 12:14

Elden Ring replaced Dying Light 2 on the leader's seat in the category of the game most frequently added to wishlists on Steam. In addition, the character editor from the upcoming game by FromSoftware leaked to the web.

Paralives Devs Show Off an Impressive Character Editor

Adrian Werner, 16 December 2021, 15:43

An interesting video has hit the web, showing the extensive character editor from Paralives.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Bug May Block Access to Single Player Characters

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 December 2021, 13:58

Certain symbols and characters in character names in Diablo II: Resurrected can block access to said characters. No, this time it's not censorship.

Starfield With Full Mod Support and Pronoun Selection

Adrian Werner, 11 November 2021, 14:35

Some new details about the Starfield project have been revealed. We learned that full mod support is planned, as well as a character creator that will enable us to choose our preferred pronouns.

Saints Row's Character Customization Will be Independent of Gender

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 10 October 2021, 20:19

The Saints Row reboot will take character customization to a new level, enabling us to combine any elements of our apparel regardless of the chosen gender.

New Info on Farming Simulator 22 - Crossplay and Character Customization

Agnes Adamus, 22 September 2021, 20:57

GIANTS Software released more details about Farming Simulator 22, revealing that the title will offer crossplay and character and farm customization.

Diablo 4 Without „Artificial and Bland” Characters

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 July 2021, 13:44

Blizzard revealed some new information about Diablo IV. Among other things, the devs discussed the appearance of characters, which will be able to customize more than in previous installments.

The Sims 4 May Update Introduces New Hair Colors

Agnes Adamus, 28 May 2021, 15:48

Yesterday, another big update came to The Sims 4. It introduces new hair colors and preference system to the game. Bunk beds have also been improved.

Check Out Biomutant's Character Creator

Milosz Szubert, 06 May 2021, 14:31

Game Informer's YouTube channel posted an eight-minute presentation of the character creator featured in Biomutant, an upcoming game from studio Experiment 101. The game will debut on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 25 this year.

New Quality in Character Wizards is Coming as MetaHuman Creator Hits Early Access

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 April 2021, 15:11

Epic Games has kept its word and released the early version of MetaHuman Creator. The impressive tool for creating incredibly realistic character models can be checked out by anyone who wishes to do so.

Rumor: Elden Ring With Multiplayer, Character Creation and Classes

Adrian Werner, 05 March 2021, 11:25

Reliable reports have appeared in the web, according to which Elden Ring will offer multiplayer mode similar to the Dark Souls series. We can also expect a character creator.

Trans Character Option in Hogwarts Legacy

Michal Ciezadlik, 02 March 2021, 17:35

We learned more details about the upcoming Harry Potter game. According to Jason Schreier from Bloomberg agency, Hogwarts Legacy will enable us to create a transgender character.

Epic Reveals MetaHuman Creator Tool

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 February 2021, 21:01

Epic Games has revealed the capabilities of MetaHuman Creator. The new tool will make it easy to create super-realistic virtual actors on the Unreal Engine.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Restore Original Looks of Female V

Adrian Piotrowski, 01 February 2021, 20:10

Using two modifications, Cyberpunk 2077 players have recreated the old default look of the female V, known among other things from the demo shown at E3 2018.

New Skin Tones Available in The Sims 4

Agnes Adamus, 08 December 2020, 18:41

New customization options have arrived to The Sims 4. Update with over 100 new skin tones and sliders to adjust the makeup color has just gone live.

Baldur's Gate 3 Devs Disappointed With Lack of Player Creativity

Frozen, 10 October 2020, 19:54

The team at Larian generated, based on data collected during early access, an image of a typical hero created by Baldur's Gate III players. The results of the experiment disappointed the team.

Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access Races and Classes Revealed

Paul Wozniak, 02 October 2020, 22:53

Today, developers at Larian introduced the races and classes that will be available in Baldur's Gate III as part of early access. The appearance customization options of our heroes were also revealed.

Cyberpunk 2077 Without Character Voice Personalization

Bart Woldanski, 08 July 2020, 14:26

CD Projekt RED confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077's character wizard will lose one of the important options for players. The game will not enable us to modify the main character's voice.

Paralives - Video Presents Character Editor From The Sims' Rival

Adrian Werner, 20 May 2020, 13:09

The creators of Paralives, a game designed as an independent competitor of The Sims, have released the first video showing how the characters will look in the game and options for changing their appearance.

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Enable Us to Personalize Our Genitals

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 May 2020, 17:29

The American age rating organisation ESRB has rated Cyberpunk 2077. The title's in the database entry also reveals that the character's personalization options will include the ability to adjust the appearance and size of genitals.

Wow Shadowlands Will Introduce New Graphic Settings and Character Creator

Bart Swiatek, 17 April 2020, 15:04

With the release of the Shadowlands expansion, the MMORPG World of Warcraft will receive several new graphics options to improve performance. The game's engine may also receive support for Variable Rate Shading and ray tracing technologies.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Level Designer About Gender and Nudity Options

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 12 September 2019, 17:02

CD Projekt RED's Level Designer explained how gender personalization will work in the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077. The players will create their own character, but its genitals will depend on the selected body type. We also learned some other interesting facts.

Cyberpunk 2077 and the Issue of Gender Selection

Jacob Blazewicz, 30 August 2019, 13:25

CD Projekt RED commented on the possibility of choosing the character's gender in Cyberpunk 2077 in connection with a recent interview. In response to a fan's question, we were assured that the title would also allow for a traditional choice between a man and a woman.

Underwater Locations in Cyberpunk 2077; New Info on Crafting and Progression

Bart Swiatek, 28 August 2019, 13:32

Developers from CD Projekt RED have recently given interviews to several websites. One of the creators also took part in a two-hour podcast on YouTube. Cyberpunk 2077 was, of course, the main topic of all the conversations. We received a number of new information about the upcoming title.

Red Dead Online Will Enable Character Customization

Milosz Szubert, 27 June 2019, 14:35

Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Online will have an option to change the appearance of the player at any time. It will be added with the next major update.

Cyberpunk 2077 - CD Project RED Works on Transgender Characters

Bart Swiatek, 14 June 2019, 16:09

During E3 2019, Gamasutra conducted an interview with Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz - a developer from CD Projekt RED. One of the topics of the discussion was the issue of the representation of transgendered persons in Cyberpunk 2077.

E3 2017 Essentials #4 (June 14) - Hunt: Showdown, Beyond Good & Evil 2 new details

luckie, 15 June 2017, 12:57

The time has come for game devs and publishers attending E3 2017 to show some gameplay and discuss details of their upcoming projects. Check out the best stories of the day.