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News video games 04 August 2022, 09:58

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Diablo Immortal Player Spent $100 Thousand on a Character and Has no One to Play With; Wants a Refund [UPDATED]

Youtuber jtisallbusiness has spent so much money on micropayments in Diablo Immortal that it is preventing him from playing PvP. Now he is considering whether to demand a refund.


The Youtuber involved in the situation apparently caught Blizzard's attention by publicizing the issue. The company has decided to address his problem. jtisallbusiness revealed in a new video, that he was contacted by its spokesperson.

The employee told the youtuber that a solution to the issue he raised has already been prepared. It is expected to go into effect in the next few days. In his material, jtisallbusiness announced that he is looking forward to testing it.

Original message

  • Streamer jtisallbusiness invested about $100,000 in his character in Diablo Immortal.
  • This prevents him from playing PvP because he is too high in matchmaking.
  • He is now considering demanding a refund and getting his lawyers involved.

Youtuber known as jtisallbusiness spent on microtransacions an absurd amount of money in Diablo Immortal. Paradoxically, however, it prevented him from being able to play PvP. So now he is thinking of demanding a refund and getting lawyers involved.

Money doesn't buy happiness?

Jtisallbusiness is a youtuber and streamer who creates content related to a whole bunch of popular games. Among them we can also find Diablo Immortal, which has become one of his most frequently featured games.

In yesterday's video he shared a rather specific problem he has with Blizzard's game. It turns out that he has spent so much money on his in-game character that it prevents him from participating in PvP games. How is this possible? All because of his matchmaking rank.

Jtisallbusiness spent about $100,000 on microtransactions in mobile Diablo. In turn, every dollar spent increased his rank, which is taken into account in matching players for competitive play (PvP).

At some point, the rank was inflated to the point that no one can compare with him. The youtuber became a lone giant who can't play with other people of similar level, because there simply aren't any.

Refund needed right away

Jtisallbusiness confessed that he has been dealing with the above-described problem for a long time. Therefore, he contacted the developers via the game's official forum.

He explained his situation, but the only response he received was assurances that the creators were "aware of the problem.". A solution, however, has still not arrived.

Now the youtuber has therefore begun to consider whether he should demand a refund. For help in making such a decision, he asked his viewers. By the way, he revealed that he is considering involving lawyers in the case.

For now, it's hard to say how the story will end, but we have to admit that this is an extremely strange situation.

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