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News video games 22 June 2022, 14:24

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Diablo Immortal Streamers are Hypocrites and Part of the Problem, Players Claim

Diablo Immortal sparks controversy again. This time the community criticizes the behavior of streamers and youtubers.

I'll do something so you don't have to - said probably many a streamer, spending another dollar for paid content in the game. The situation is similar in Diablo Immortal. Creators, whether on YouTube or Twitch, spend considerable amounts of money only to find that it's not worth it.

New level of hypocrisy

One Diablo fan started a discussion about the bad influence of the actions of the above mentioned influencers. He compared them to addicts who want to prove by their own example how bad the abuse of a substance is. Whether that's a step too far or not is not for me to judge.

"The streamers of Diablo Immortal are ranting about its monetization practices, which we all know are inherently bad. However, for these guys to spend thousands of dollars on the game is actually going against the point they are trying to make. (...) It's completely asinine from a psychological standpoint and just shows how incompetent most of these people are?," wrote dudeguybro1549.

Liar, liar

One of the examples of creators, who can be cited for not necessarily logical actions, is no other than Asmongold. Well, the guru of WoW spent almost $350 in Diablo Immortal and then deleted posts that drew attention to his behavior.

"Asmon apparently was trying to prove a point about spending money on free-to-play games, but that point was lost on those who already are aware of how predatory pay-to-win games can be." (via Dexerto).

It's the view count that counts

People love to see it when someone taunts a larger creator. This is no different for jtisallbusiness, who gave his video a very telling title: "Asmongold this video is for you Diablo Immortal". Well, he spent over 100 thousand dollars on Blizzard's production and tries to prove that Diablo Immortal is not as bad as it seems.

However, it's hard to get anything useful out of this video. His evidence is anecdotal and completely misses the dangers of monetizing video games, including i Diablo. Nevertheless, you can check it out below.

Flashy titles

Let's end this carousel of hypocrisy with youtuber Rich W Campbell, who spent about 4 thousand dollars (9:30 in the video) on Diablo Immortal. Sure, he doesn't have jtisallbusiness' approach, who spent hundreds of thousands, however, what is titling the video "I WASTED THOUSANDS! Don't Spend Money on Diablo Immortal!" if not hipocrisy?

A job's a job

Many people in the comments under dudeguybro1549's post pointed out that this is how streamers work. Their salaries are high, doing not necessarily the smartest things generates views, they gain popularity and the stone keeps on rolling.

It should be noted here that such a situation does not occur only in the case of Diablo Immortal. At some point, the Pokemon cards became popular again. Opening card boosters is nothing more than pay-to-earn. The perfect example here is Logan Paul, spending millions of dollars on these cards (including fake ones).

The same is also true for opening crates in CSGO and spending real currency in Lost Ark, BDO or other games that are supposedly free-to-play, but not really. So while drawing attention to the hypocrisy of some streamers is important, fighting it does not make any sense at all either (unless you fancy yourself a Don Quixote).

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