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News guides 25 October 2023, 01:00

Does Squadron 42 Feature Open World? Answered

Squadron 42 is said to be near release, but is it an open-world game? If you are interested, we have gathered some information.

Source: Squadron 42, Developer: Cloud Imperium Games

Recently held CitizenCon has concluded and brought hope and new expectations into the hearts of fans. Not only new information for Star Citizen was revealed, but also Squadron 42 received some love. The latter is a single player experience set in Star Citizen’s universe. There are many speculations about the shape of it and many theories are formed how the game will look like. One of the most interesting questions that players ask themselves is will the game be open world. Here you will learn what we know so far.

Will Squadron 42 be an open world game?

First thing to keep in mind is that Squadron 42 does not have a release date yet. The game has been financed by a crowdfunding campaign and is still in development, which means that some elements can still be a subject to change. The recent official announcement revealed that SQ42 is already in “feature complete” state, which gives hopes that the game will see the light of day in the not so far future.

There is no rose without thorns as already in 2016, it was said that the game was “almost finished”. The time went by, 2024 is around the corner and Squadrons 42 is still under development.

SQ42 is said to be the spiritual successor to Wing Commander, which the founder of CIG, Chris Roberts, worked on. If that is the case, we can count on linear style game with branching mission campaign. I think it’s safe to assume that it will not be a corridor locked game like Call of Duty, and there will be some wiggle room on how to take on a task. Due to all of that the game will not be an open-world game per se. Of course, for now we can only theorise on the subject. However, there is a great chance that we will know something for sure in the near future.

Aleksander Kartasinski

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