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News video games 28 February 2023, 15:41

author: Adrian Werner

Dune Awakening Will Surprise With Alternative Story

We have learned that Dune: Awakening will be set in an alternate version of the universe known from the books and movies. This will enable the players, among other things, to meet characters who died in the literary original many years before the start of the game.

Funcom is slowly revealing more details about Dune: Awakening, an online survival game set in the popular science fiction universe. It turns out that the game will offer an alternative story to what we know from the books.

  1. This fact was revealed by creative director Joel Bylos in an interview with PCGamer.
  2. He revealed that Dune: Awakening will be set in the year 10199 AG, which is about eight years after the events of the initial novel and the 2021 movie. In the game, however, many of the events of the past will take a different course.
  3. The developers of the game, together with the family of Frank Herbert (the late author of the series) and Legendary Pictures, found a point in the history of the series where one change led to an avalanche of others, strongly reshaping the entire universe.
  4. Funcom is not yet ready to reveal what pebble started this avalanche.
  5. Thanks to this change, the game's universe will be more suitable for the background of an online survival game and, above all. will enable players to meet many well-known characters who were long dead in the original version of 10199 AG..
  6. As an example, it was mentioned that in Dune: Awakening we will meet Duke Leto Atreides, who was assassinated in the original timeline.
  7. In addition, players will have a lot of freedom to choose which faction fighting for control of the planet Arrakis to support. Gaining favor with one of them will be a procedure enabling you to meet Leto and ally with him.

Recall that Dune: Awakening is heading to PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5, and we currently do not know when the title will debut on the market. On the official website beta test sign-ups are underway, but it has not yet been revealed when they will be held.

  1. Dune Awakening - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Dune: Awakening

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