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News video games 23 December 2022, 12:21

author: Adrian Werner

Dwarf Fortress Receives Eagerly Awaited Classic ASCII Mode

Dwarf Fortress has received an update introducing the classic graphics mode. In addition, the game's developers have hired two new helpers.

Commercial version of Dwarf Fortress, the refreshed edition of the iconic indie game from Bay 12 Games, has received a new update.

  1. The patch brings only one, but significant change - the devs have added a classic mode, in which two-dimensional graphics are replaced with ASCII characters. This makes the game look the same as the free original.
  2. In addition, the developers of the game, brothers Tarn Adams and Zach Adams, decided to hire two additional people to help. Puntam will help with programming, while SalfordSal will handle the official Discord and broadcasts on the studio's Twitch channel. Both individuals come from the fan community of Dwarf Fortress, so they should excel in their new roles.
Dwarf Fortress Receives Eagerly Awaited Classic ASCII Mode - picture #1
On the left is the ASCII mode, on the right the standard mode of the commercial version of the game. Source: Bay 12 Game.

Recall that the commercial version of Dwarf Fortress debuted on December 6, this year. The game is available only on PC and can be purchased on Steam.

The game turned out to be a huge commercial success. In the first week, sales exceeded 300,000 copies, far surpassing the forecasts.

The reception of the game is also very warm. On Steam, 96% of user reviews praise the title, which is categorized as an "overwhelmingly positive" reception. The project is also achieving good activity results. The current record is 28,340 concurrent players.

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