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News video games 07 August 2023, 13:16

author: Adrian Werner

Fans Take on Elden Ring Devs Job and Deliver New Hardcore Boss

The Convergence, one of the best mods for Elden Ring, has received an update that introduced, among other things, a new boss to the game.

Source: Convergence Team

More than a dozen months have passed since the launch of Elden Ring. Despite this, many people still play FromSoftware's game today. On PC this is strongly facilitated by mods. One of the most interesting, titled The Convergence, has lived to see a new version.

  1. The project thoroughly refreshes Elden Ring, adding dozens of new weapons and hundreds of new spells.
  2. Many areas in the game world have been heavily modified.
  3. Previously unknown enemies and bosses have also appeared.
  4. The project also improves the game's visuals.

The end result is excellent - there are so many changes that it feels like playing a remix of Elden Ring, so that the whole thing provides a fresh experience for veterans as well.

  1. The Convergence on NexusMods

New to The Convergence

New version of The Convergence bears the number 1.3.

  1. It offers fourteen additional weapon types and, most importantly, a new, extremely difficult boss in the form of a female warrior known as Godskin Matriarch.
  2. She can be found in the Divine Tower of Liurnia, which has also been extensively revamped, receiving, among other things, new enemy and item locations, so as to provide fresh challenges.

As an interesting note, it should be mentioned that the modification is created by fans from a community specializing in completing FromSoftware games without receiving any damage. Their experience in analyzing the movement patterns of enemies resulted in the fact that the bosses in the mod are exquisitely designed in terms of attacks and movement patterns. The developers also improved the balance of bosses from the base game and removed plot inconsistencies.

Version 1.3 of The Convergence also introduced changes that make the project fully compatible with the latest official update for Elden Ring in the form of July's patch 1.10.

A big advantage of the mod is also the ease of use. We simply download the installer, which itself unzips all the latest files and places them in the appropriate places. Then all you have to do is run the modification using its .bat file.

Elden Ring made its debut on February 25, 2022 and is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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