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News video games 19 April 2022, 15:53

author: Miriam Moszczynska

ETS2 Players So Delighted With GTA Online Mechanic They Want It

GTA Online is far from reality, but it is more realistic than ETS2 in one respect. This is about certain mechanic that simulator players would love to see in their favorite game.

Simulators, as the name says, aim to represent reality as best as possible. No wonder then that fans of Euro Truck Simulator 2, seeing how forklifts operate in GTA Online, are envious of Rockstar's production.

I want forklifts like that too!

One of the users shared an idea for an almost perfect truck driver simulator. According to his concept, such a combination would be a mix of SnowRunner, the Farming Simulator series, the aforementioned ETS2 and American Truck Simulator. Although to illustrate his concept, he used a clip recorded by another user in GTA Online.

For the sake of clarity, it should be said that ETS2 has virtually no system or mechanic for loading trucks. It is enough to drive to the place indicated in the navigation and a notification will be displayed to us that our cargo has landed in the trailer.

You can say that in this respect GTA Online is a better truck driving simulator than Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Realism, but isn't it too much?

Realism in video games is something you either love or hate. As far as gamers actually agreed that adding forklifts and a more robust loading system to ETS is a good idea, they had a slightly different opinion on the reference to SnowRunner.

"Snowrunner physics would put a lot of people off from a trucking simulator IMO. I love the games but I couldn’t imagine to many people would enjoy the constant shifting that would be required dealing with the SR terrains. I would personally enjoy it especially being able to load my own cargo," wrote Free_Koala_2075.

There are also those who don't like excessive realism in games, and would prefer that this mechanic, if ever introduced, be merely optional:

"As long as it's [the self-loading system - ed. note] a choice. I play the game to relax and enjoy open road rig driving, not work a logistics job. All the power to the people who want the option, though. All for it," wrote LeakyLine.

Of course, there are more ideas, although the best option for people who want to get the most realistic truck driving experience possible would be to simply make their own simulator.

Nevertheless, adding the option to load your own trailer could definitely enrich the gameplay in ETS2 and at the same time it does not seem to be too much of a challenge for the developers.

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