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News video games 01 September 2016, 15:25

author: Mathias Zulpo

EVE Online goes freemium

EVE Online, an MMO space-simulator released in 2003, is to change its current subscription model from obligatory to optional, allowing new players to extensively try out the game for free.

All jokes aside – EVE Online has undergone a tremendous change. And while it won’t take effect until November, its execution (aimed at luring scads of new players into to the vast, ever-evolving EVE universe) is inevitable. We’re talking going free-to-play here. Or rather – applying a “free-to-play, pay-to-actually-achieve-something” system, known as freemium, to the game. Clone states, dividing players into two factions – Alpha state and Omega state – are to be introduced, and the way they work has been thoroughly explained on the developer’s blog. Our brief summary of the changes can be found below.

EVE Online goes freemium  - picture #1
The upcoming update will also include a brand new, all-shiny skill window.

Alpha State:

  • every player that does not activate EVE Online monthly subscription,
  • limited set of skills (players can only use a skillset corresponding with their faction,)
  • only the base spaceships (Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers) available,
  • unlimited access to community-related activities.

Omega State:

  • every player that redeems (or has already redeemed) EVE Online monthly subscription,
  • full access to all of the game’s skills and features (in many cases – essential to really develop a clone),
  • should the subscription end, the player will be downgraded to Alpha State (with their special skills getting frozen) until it gets renewed.

All of that while maintaining “the ecosystem and the value of Omega State” intact, and inviting new space cadets to join the extensive universe. Or at least give it a shot for free.

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