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News guides 07 April 2023, 14:05

author: Damian Gacek

Everspace 2 - VR Mode Explained; Learn Everything about It

In this article we will tell you about VR mode in Everspace 2. Learn all about the topic.

After a long time in early access, Everspace 2 was released in full version. What is more, the game is now in Game Pass. This attracted thousands of players, who decided to give this game a chance. The title can be experienced in the first-person perspective, what is more the first instalment of the series supported VR, we can also play this mode in No Man’s Sky. The question arises – is there virtual reality in Everspace 2? In this article we answer this question.

VR in Everspace 2

Sadly, there is no VR mode for Everspace 2. This information is confirmed on the official Discord channel of the game in the FAQ section:

  1. Question: Will there be a cockpit view? What about VR? Is PSVR a possibility?
  2. Answer: There will be cockpit view, ultrawide and three-screen as well as TrackIR and HOTAS support in the full version. We have no plans to incorporate VR. We tried to support PSVR in the predecessor but couldn't get close to mandatory 2x 60 FPS on the regular PS4, so we're instead focusing our efforts on the gameplay experience for everyone to enjoy.

Except technical difficulties, there may be many more reasons for this decision. Some of developers’ concerns are presented in an old post on Steam. We will bullet point them for you:

  1. Potential market may be not worth technical difficulties, which are connected with optimalisation.
  2. Many non-VR players hesitate to buy games with the VR tag.
  3. VR players often tend to leave negative reviews if they have troubles altering graphic settings in game, which also influences sales.
  4. Developers wanted to concentrate on delivering the best experience, without distractions in the form of having to optimize settings for VR devices.

Nevertheless, at the end of the post there is also an interesting sentence “Long story short, EVERSPACE 2 for VR is currently not on our list, but who knows what kind of deal might happen in the future…?” So, there is a chance. However, don’t count on it. Be prepared that the game will never get an official VR support. It is better to be pleasantly surprised rather than unpleasantly.

Can you play Everspace 2 in VR?

Everspace 2 - VR Mode Explained; Learn Everything about It - picture #1

The answer is not so straightforward as we would like it to be. Officially, at this moment, and maybe in the future also, it is impossible to play Everspace 2 in VR mode.

Nevertheless, some fans state that it can be done by using UE injector which converts the game for VR purposes. However, we cannot confirm this with certainty. So, it is more of curiosity, rather than a solution to the problem.

We do not state, however, that in the future there will be no mod, which will allow you to play Everspace 2 in VR mode. It is quite possible.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Everspace 2

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