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News guides 30 November 2023, 05:58

author: Agnes Adamus

Everything about Player Profile in DBD

Patch 7.4.0 to DBD introduced Player Profile. From our guide you will learn more about this new feature.

Source: Dead by Daylight, developer: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is popular asymmetrical horror game which is regularly updated. Two days ago 7.4.0 patch was released, which introduced, among other things, the Trickster rework and Player Profile. From this guide you will learn more about the latter feature.

Player Profile in DBD

To open Player Profile you have to click on the badge next to your profile name and the amount of Bloodpoints. By default, it will be just a blank square - once you've unlock your first badge, you can change its appearance.

Player Profile has two uses. The first is to summarize our progress in the game. You will find your current account level and the survivor and killer ranks. It looks like the screenshot below.

Everything about Player Profile in DBD - picture #1

The second option, however, is to personalize your profile. There, you can choose the banner and badge that will be displayed in the main menu and the match summary.

  1. At this moment there is only one banner and badge. You will get them if you purchase any cosmetic item for Chucky.
  2. Leaks suggest that more banners and badges will be added to the game with winter event.

If you would like to read the details of the banners and badges, you can read our previous guide.

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