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News video games 07 November 2023, 04:24

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Stranger Things Back in DbD; Fans Fought for Return of Show-inspired Content

Stranger Things content has returned to Dead by Daylight after a two-year absence. Fans of asymmetrical horror are delighted.

Source: Starbreeze

Developers at Behaviour Interactive have announced that in celebration of Stranger Things day, Dead by Daylight store has seen the return of the DLC featuring characters and locations from the hit Netflix show.

"We are happy to announce that Stranger Things has returned to the Mist along with Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler and the Underground Complex," reads an excerpt from the developers' announcement on Steam.

  1. The developers assured that along with the above content, DbD's store will feature all the outfits from Stranger Things.
  2. In addition, Behaviour Interactive referred to the skills of the characters. They have been restored to their previous names, and will again be assigned to Stranger Things characters in the future (each of them was originally released with a package of three skills, which became available to all DbD characters after the chapter was removed).
  3. Players who leveled up their character when the skills were publicly available will not lose the rewards they unlocked at the time. However, players will not be able to unlock further skill levels until they are purchased or until the Stranger Things character advances to one of the available levels.
  4. Achievements/trophies related to the Stranger Things chapter will not be added to DbD.
  5. Stranger Things DLC can be purchased on Steam or Epic Games Store.

In November 2021, Behaviour Interactive surprised the gamers by announcing that a DLC featuring characters and locations from the TV series Stranger Things was disappearing from Dead by Daylight. This was due to the expiration of the licensing agreement. In June 2022, fans of the game organized a petition for the restoration of beloved characters to DbD.

Information about the return of the content caused excitement among the gaming community. This is perfectly evident from the reviews of the DLC on Steam.

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