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News guides 11 December 2023, 06:42

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Get Banners and Badges in DBD

Patch 7.4.0 to DBD introduced Player Profile and customable banners and badges. From our guide you will learn how to unlock this cosmetic items.

Source: Dead by Daylight, developer: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a popular asymmetrical horror game. Couple days ago, the title received the Chucky DLC. At the same time, update 7.4.0 was also released, which introduced, among other things, the Trickster rework and Player Profile. From this guide you will learn how to unlock banners and badges.

How to unlock banners and badges in DBD

At the start there was only one banner and badge. They are linked to the already mentioned Chucky character. If you purchase any cosmetic item for this killer then you will also automatically receive items to personalize your profile.

In the official forum, the developers explained how the profiles work. The post also suggests that more banners and badges will be added in the future. It will be possible to earn them during events and Archives. So, you will have to be patient.

Players now have a Player Card and can earn collectable banners and badges to customize it! New banners and badges come in a variety of rarities and appearances and can be earned from Tome and Archive rewards as well as Events. Players will be able to see their new customized player cards in a variety of menus including the end-of-match tally screen where they can show them off to other players.

The first opportunity to get banners and badges for free is Advent Callendar. On 8 December, we had the opportunity to receive our first badge – all we had to do was log in to the game. On 22 December we will also receive the banner in the same way.

A further two banners and badges will be obtained during the Bone Chill event, which runs from 14 December to 4 January. We will most probably be able to buy them with the currency gained for completing tasks from the events tome.

How to Get Banners and Badges in DBD - picture #1
Source: Behaviour Interactive

Of course, more and more banners and badges will appear over time. So you won't just have a Christmas theme cosmetics.

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