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News video games 27 March 2024, 01:33

author: Maciej Gaffke

Fallout 76 With Big Update to America’s Playground. Game Is Still Lacking Important Feature, Which “Drives CEO of Microsoft Gaming Crazy”

The Atlantic City update for Fallout 76 has been expanded with the addition of the second part - America's Playground. Season 16, „Duel with the Devil,” is also now available in the game.

Source: Bethesda Game Studios

Today, the previously announced second part of the Atlantic City update for Fallout 76 was released. As part of America's Playground, Bethesda has introduced several new features and kicked off the 16th season, titled "Duel with the Devil," where players will encounter the Jersey Devil.

  1. A new quest appeared in Atlantic City. We need to help Mayor Tim deal with the invasion of Overgrown creatures.
  2. We also got a new task to complete. We will complete several quests within it to solve the "deadly" mystery involving the Russo family.
  3. They also expanded New Jersey, where new characters are now waiting for us to meet.
  4. Changes have also been introduced to the seasonal system, for instance, the scoreboard has been improved.

Furthermore, there was no shortage of standard corrections. Devs have improved, among other things, gameplay, missions, and interface. You can review the full list of changes directly on Bethesda's website. Below you will find the sizes of the new update to Fallout 76 on various platforms.

  1. PC (Steam): 17.1 GB
  2. PC (Microsoft Store): 27.1 GB
  3. Xbox: 27.08 GB
  4. PlayStation: 26.1 GB

Interestingly, Fallout 76 was recently mentioned by Phil Spencer himself, the head of Microsoft Gaming. However, he didn't praise the game and expressed regret by saying that he really misses the cross-save function in it.

[...] Let me tell you, one of the games that doesn't have this feature - and it drives me crazy - is Fallout 76. It doesn't have a "cross-save," Spencer explained.

Let's remind that Fallout 76 was released in November 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The title can also be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S through backward compatibility.

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Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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